Alvin Dive 3343

Transcript by Cindy Van Dover

2 February 1999

port: John Sinton Note: laser dots are 20 cm apart
stbd: Cindy Van Dover
pilot: Blee Williams

0858:00 1066 m. Maggie twist, rudder only, CCW, 1 degree per sec

0914 End spins, began and end at 200 degrees
0915 Ahead, hdg 218 degrees [back to map]
0916:15 Astern, hdg 227
0916:45 Stop
0917:30 Up, hdg 215, depth 1438 m
0918:15 Down, hdg 199
0919 Done with Maggie set up
1006 Bottom in sight, hdg 221, depth 2675 m; untectonized lobate
1011 2684 m, lobate, with light sediment, some sessile animals 
 (sparse); Lobes ~ 1-2 m across, variable, glassy beneath sediment; < mm's 
 sediment; no collapses
1013 Lobes now are budded; no striations; buds are 10-20 cm
1014 Lobes smaller, with buds; still at landing site
1021 SAMPLE 1. Sampling lobate; 35 mm camera on 30 s auto; lobes are 
 rugose, grading toward pillows; solitary vertical push-up of lava, ~30 cm 
 high among lobes [back to map]
1025 Still sampling; buds are very friable
1029 2689 m; sample of glass bud (digital image # 29) into port 
 forward bin 1A; oval, tubular, soft-ball size
1034 Pan and tilt video of sample
1036 Hdg 222 for Waypoint 2; pillows among lobates, occasional 
 sessile animals (gorgonian coral, anemone); from here through 
 the rest of the log, sediment cover and glassy appearance of 
 lavas will be uniform except for one brief period, which will 
 be noted below; solitary tubular pillow then a field of heavily 
 budded pillows, upslope; then back to budded lobates and 
 flat-capped lobates
1038 Heavily budded pillows with some lobates; 1/2-1 m relief; 
 moving up slope
1039 Turning to move directly upslope; heading 243; lobate, 
 smoother and with lower relief
1041 Morph to lobates
1041:50 Lobate with variable areas of buds, hdg 243
1042 Slightly higher relief to lobates. Still no collapse features 
 but some crack of lobate caps; small piles of white material on 
 tops of some lobes, as if there were weathering -- look like old 
 shell fragments from a clam dropped by a seagull onto the road
1044 Much flatter lobate flow; alligator skin texture, 2 cm scale; 
 collapse in front of us; hill and vale relief here
1044:54 Edge of collapse; floor = tiles of sheet flow (collapsed 
 roof); 5 x 10 m; another collapse, ~20 m x 8 m
1045:22 Jumbled flow; no attached animals [back to map]
1045:55 Cross from jumbled to cracked lobate/sheet, to lobate; at 
 border of jumble
1046:21 Up to flat lobate with local depression filled with 
 jumbled flow; 2678m, hdg 243
1046:50 Solitary budded pillow
Budded pillows; waterfall area with jumbled lavas passing between 
 striated pillows
1047:29 2677 m, hdg 241 over lobates with alligator skin and 
1048:09 Budded pillows wth alligator skin
1049 Budded lobate, first high relief then to solitary tubular pillows
1049:50 Lobate; amphipods and more turbid water
1050:29 Lobate, low relief (~0.5-1 m), broad, tubular in some places; 
 few buds
1051:49 Stopping to enter coordinates for Animal Farm
1052:27 Small collapse 4 m x 1.5-2 m
1053 Paused on alligator skin lobate
1055:45 Ready to head for AF, range 200 m, 327 degrees; lobate, with 
 shallow, small collapse; sheet and small whirlpool then morph back to 
 lobate, few buds, some alligator skin
1059 Lobate
1059:35 Small collapse, edge of a larger pond. Short pillars then a 
 deeper pond with talus at the slope edge
1100 Out of collapse onto lineated sheet flats; animals sparse
1101 Hdg 315; spaghetti ahead; jumbled flow ridge into sheet valley with 
 cracks perpendicular to axis of flow[back to map]
1102 Fissure; our hdg 327, 2675 m; dense anemones (two types: one flush 
 against rock, other more tall); odd "Homer" ?tunicates (tan-brown with 
 venus fly-trap shape; variously opened wide and closed, with a curious 
 pointy "cap" that opens; bythograeid megalopa; also a shrouded seastar; 
 (neither the ?tunicate nor the seastar is vent-specific); gastropod, 
 spaghetti worms, dead valves of clams; sediments rusty-colored plus numerous 
 egg capsule of Phymorhynchus (white, dime-sized disks); Phymorhynchus is 
 common; stauromedusae; sediment cover decreased; serpulids, dandelions 
 (not the same as at 9N). Numerous small polychaetes in the water column 
 (~1 per liter)
1110 Sheet channel in distance with jumbled flow near; serpulids on jumble
1111 2673 m; serpulids but no tentacles exposed (i.e., probably dead); 
 barnacles on rocks; mussels; hemichordate; no shimmering water out my viewport; 
 Blee sees some shimmering, but not much; anemones; leaving jumbled flow onto lobate
1112 Shrouded seastar; approaching mussel bed, on 3-chip [look at temperature plot]
1114 Sample 2. Mussel pot deployment: 2675 m; x = 3525 m, y = 8433 m; swarms 
 of polychaetes in water (~1 cm length); shrimp in water column (not Chorocaris); 
 sample site: mix of dead clam shells, dead mussel valves and live mussels 
 (turns out to be ~50% live mussels based on our collection); clam shells are 
 "full-grown", 20+ cm;
1126 Finished Sample 2 (mussel pot); technically works well, but mussels are not 
 piled up here enough to get a great sample; see digital images 27, 28 for in 
 situ pot photos
1127 Hemichordate purple worm on 3-chip video
1128 Sample 3. Sampling a rock from Animal Farm with barnacles and serpulids; 
 = Sample 3, taken from the same area as the mussel sample (little shift in 
 sub position to grab this rock); x = 3523, y = 8433 m, 2675 m, hdg 277
1130 Sampling complete, into forward aft bin on digital camera 26 [back to map]
1132 Stbd camera 35 mm -- shots of sample area and divot where mussel pot was used
1132 Documenting sample on video; note: barnacles extend their cirri but do not 
 draw them in rhythmically the way shallow-water barnacles do; serpulids in 
 this area are all dead; no live clams observed; live mussels are not open 
 enough to display mantle margins the way they would if this were a healthy 
 site; looks very much like the last legs of an old vent site [look at temperature plot]
1136 Divot left by mussel pot: looks like the pot cleared the mussels to the 
 depth it was inserted, left behind are a few broken valves and several live 
 mussels, but this is expected since the pot is not designed to scrape the 
 seafloor clean
1140 Leaving this patch of Animal Farm -- patch size 4 x 4 m; other mussels 
 within 10-20 m in fissure; folded sheet flow
1141 Hdg 217; smooth to folded sheet with slope up beyond; fissure with mussels; 
 many dead mussels; anemones dominant; shrouded seastars, hemichordates, 
 Phymorhynchus, barnacles
1142 Sharp transition between animals/no animals; ?geological explanation?
1143 Jumbled lava to sheet; small collapes in lobate off in distance
1143:45 Broad, smooth lobate with local collapses 1-2 m dimension
1144:06 Local collapses (restricted to lobes); morph to jumbled ridge perpendicular 
 to our heading of 200; ridge defines lava channel of lineated sheet with ridge 
 on far side (2-3 m horizontal scale of ridge/channel/ridge (i.e.9 m total)); 
 folded flows transition to smooth lobates with very small collapse windows 
 (<0.5 m) and then to jumbled flow
1145 Jumbled flow, irregular relief; abundant comatulids in water column
1146 In a local depression; jumbled flow, hdg 200; another local depression with 
 local pond of sheet flow (10 m max dimension); beyond is ridge-valley terrain; 
 into lobate with very small local collapses restricted to individual lobes; to 
 ropey flow to ponded sheet flow with lineations; evolves to ridge of ropey lava
1149 Lobate, 500 m from waypoint 2; 2670 m; lineated sheet flow (10 cm relief) 
 to jumble and irregular topography (small scale (10 m) ridge/valley)); into 
 jumbled levee onto sheet channel with ripples on either side to another jumbled 
 levee, then down into sheet flow again; sparse cracks over surface of pond; 
 channel with folds, then more sheet, then levee with more relief than last 
 batch (1/4-1/3 m here) [back to map]
1150:22 Onto sheet pavement
1151 Lineated-folded flow, approaching levee of jumbled flow, then into depression; 
 lots of comatulids; folded flow; to lobates at higher elevation with small local 
 collapses in lobes; lobes ~2 m dimension; to sheet flow and collapsed channel 
 then to folded sheets then into smooth, low-relief lobates
1153 Sheet flow onto lobate; local collapses
1154 Sheet flow, lineated in the middle, smooth edges, broad flow
1154 In lobates, with small depressions field with jumbled flow
1155 Lobates (no buds, no collapse)
1156 Still hdg 202, in lobates, with solitary striated bulbous pillows
1157 Polychaetes in water column, spaghetti; budded lobates, solitary pillows; 
 local collapse
1158 Large aggregations of spaghetti on local topographic highs; lobate flows
1159 Budded lobates, with solitary pillows; small collapse, 0.5 m relief; ridge 
 with jumbled flow down to broad folded sheet flow
1200 Out of sheet flow, into jumbled flow; tortuous terrain [back to map]
1201 Over ridge of jumbled flow and talus, down into lineated sheet flow, then 
 smooth, then lineated again in the middle (e.g., ~3 m smooth, 2 m ripple, 3 m 
 smooth in long bands); then onto another jumbled ridge and flow, tortuous
1202 Collapse area with 1.5 m high pillar with lobate flow on margins; floor is 
 mixture of sheet and talus; then to jumbled flow
1203 Preparing to head S to waypoint 3; over large collapse with rim of lobate; 
 floor of collapse is sheet and other things; then onto jumbled flow
1205 Sample 4. Folded sheets, lobate with collapse cavern (4 m max dimension); 
 sample from collapse pit area; hdg 268, Depth 2671; frames 24,25 on digital camera
1211 Digital video of sample; into center forward port = Bin 5A
1215 Hdg to waypoint 3 [back to map]
1217 Small collapse feature (10 m max dimension, 1 m deep, with pillar); lobate 
 flow; to collapse pit, pillars; 3-4 m at deepest part; networked collapses; 
 spaghetti, comatulids
1218 Lobate flow, no buds, no collapses, no tectonics
1220 Hydrothermal area; Phymorhynchus, bythograeid crabs, shimmering water; not 
 very robust; thicker sediment- orange hydrothermal; fish, dead Tevnia (i.e., no 
 plumes exposed); large flakes of sooty black stuff coming out of a vent (thin 
like seaweed and about10 cm max dimension); serpulids; relict old sulfide, <1 m tall
1222 Live serpulids with plumes expanded; can see places where there clearly had 
been some low-T fluids coming out; broken fluids; we've been doing a meander 
 here around the vents
1225 Back on course 180 degree, periphery of hydrothermal area; dozens of fish 
 at a hole, nose down in diffuse flow; dandelions
1226 Polychaetes in water column, dead serpulids; lobate flow without hydrothermal 
 sediment [look at temperature plot]
1227 Collapse area to lobate flow; residual h-v animals (bythograeids, galatheids)
1228:24 Lobates with buds and solitary pillows; with small local collapses, shallow 
 (10's of cm not m)
1229 Pocket of jumbled flow amid lobate [back to map]
1231 Continuing in lobates with solitary pillows
1232 Along edge of a collapse pit
1233 Broad lobates with local collapses
1233:32 Collapse area off to starboard -- bathtub rings and arches (10-15 m max dimension)
1235 Continuing over lobate with only small collapses (1.5 m max dia); lobates 
 broad, several m across in long dimension; over small patches (<m diameter) 
 serpulids; then to collapse area 15 m length, 1 m deep, floor of broken plates
1236:18 Hdg 182; still over series of collapse features with bathtub rings; 
 interconnected; lobates then more collapses; then along large collapse area with 
 floor of ropey sheet and thne jumbled flow filling most of the bottom that is in view
1238 Ropey folded flow then onto sheet flow; setting up to sample folded flow, with 
 alligator skin texture to some of teh glass
1239:11 In bottom of collapse still with folded sheet; took a couple of 35 mm photos.
1245 Sample 5. Piece of folded lava, on pan and tilt; frame 23 on digital camera, 
 hdg 171 into bin 5B
1249 Back on the road, hdg 180, climbing out of collapse pit
1250:45 Into local patch of jumbled flow surrounded by lobate with local shallow 
 collapses; elongate lobes in distance (>10 m); in lobate flow, with white staining 
 in cracks
1252 Hdg 180
1253 Lobate flow, status quo
1254 Solitary pillows among lobate field; single "rafted" piece of sheet; solitary 
 pillow with rafted blocks of sheet up against it
1255 Lobates then down ridge of lobate/jumble into lineated sheet flow, along margin; 
 then onto sheet then grade to lobate and a collapse pit 20 m max dimension with 
 talus plates on the floor
1257 Small collapse, shallow (< 1 m) with talus plates on floor; note: sediment 
 now heaviest of dive though glass still obvious
1259 Lobate flow with white staining and local collapse; solitary pillow among lobates
1301 Transition from small stretch of sheet to lobate; lobates getting more 
 bulbous, grading into pillow shapes but without striations [back to map]
1302 Lobates with occasional solitary pillow, still with heavier sediment
1302 Tubular pillows with gorgeous buds
1303 Lobates; same heavier sediment cover
1306 Flattened lobates with local collapse pit ~ 7 m max dimension; same heavier 
 sediment cover
1308 Lobate flows
1309 Lobates become more bulbous; grading into pillow terrain; then quickly back 
 to lobates
1310 Preparing to sample, hdg 253, 2676m
1316 Sample 6. On pan and tilt; bud of a pillow
1319 Leaving site, 2674 m, hdg 232; lobates
1321 Lobate; sediment still seems heavier; down 1 m into sheet flow on floor of 
 small collapse
1323 Lobate with local collapses, 4-5 m max dimension
1324 Local depression filled with jumbled flow surrounded by lobates
1325 Folded flow with some collapse; folded part down in collapse; roof and 
 surrounding area is lobate
1326 Hdg 233; shallow (<1 m) collapse features in lobate; less sediment
1327 Hdg 233; local collapses in lobate; then to big collapse pit; talus; deep, 
 follwing margin
1329 Collapse feature is 12 m deep (see mesotech)
1330 Hdg 234; bottom back in sight; ropey flow giving way to lobate; scattered 
 bouquets of tubeworms (dead?) in pit [back to map]
1331 Spaghetti on broken up jumbled flow; at wall and climbing out of pit; floored 
 with broken sheet flow with steep slope
1332 Still climbing up wall, now over talus pile
1332 Lava pillar at margin; roof of lobate flow with spaghetti
1333 Continuing in collapse, little sediment; small clumps of tubeworms; spaghetti; 
 in collapse area with different flows visible
1334 Hdg 234; over jumbled flow
1335 Sheet flow; lineated with waterfall and broken slabs at a downslope region
1336 Moving from sheet to jumbled levee and then to lobates with light sediment 
 and local collapses 10-15 m max dimension
1336 At edge of a large collapse; from lobate to jumbled and then into pit; 
 jumbled ropey flow in bottom and some plates
1338 Into pit to sample basalt; ropey/sheet flow then onto smooth sheet
1347 Sample 7. Chunk of fold into bio box; hdg 122; 2677 m; x = 2925, 
 y = 6111 digital pic #22; on pan and tilt [back to map]
1349 Range 300 m to next waypoint
1351 Sheet with cracks; shingled surface (cm scale), climbing up
1352 Waterfall sheet then to level sheet flow; to lineated sheet flow with 
 microscale (1 cm wide, several m long) crack; edge of lineated flow merges 
 into jumbled flow then to lobate
1353 Jumbled flow back into lineated sheet flow with a crack perpendicular to 
 lineations; to densely lineated sheet (braided) merging to smooth sheet
1353 Lineated sheets; narrow bands to broader bands (1/3 m) than folded to jumbled
1354 Jumble gives way to lobate with local collapse 2-3 m max dimension
1355 Lobates into sheet flow down 1 m; some sheet lineations
1355 Smooth sheet transitions into rugose sheet (braided), then quickly to 
 jumbled flow; moving upslope
1356 Ridge of jumbled flow to lineated sheet flow to braided sheet to jumbled 
 to lobate
1357 Jumbled flow, hdg 251
1358 Braided sheet then to smooth sheet
1359 Braided sheet flow with sharp transitions in both axes
1359:43 Jumbled flow to lobate to more jumbled to sheet with a crack; ridge 
 with lapping margins of sheet
1400 Hdg to waypoint 5, hdg 165 [back to map]
1402 Jumbled into sheetflow depression to lobate flow to jumbled flow; very 
 mixed terrain
1402 Major field of lobates with light dusting of sediment
1403 Sheet flow with lineations, crack; lobates on far side
1403 Small local collapse < 1 m deep, 2 m wide; ridge of jumbled flow to 
 folded-braided sheet
1404 Braided flows to channels of flat to braided to flat
1405 Smooth sheet into braided flow
1406 Slope change, onto some jumbled flow
1407 Over a ridge, down into sheet with alternating channels of smooth, braided, 
 then larger scale folded sheet chaotic topography
1407 Curved drapes; chaotic; climbing up to lobate amid jumbled flow
1408 Over low-relief ridge of jumbled flow to braided to flat sheet to braided 
 then up out of that into lobates. Note these ridges associated with channels 
 have ~ 1-2 m relief
1409 Braided sheet with alternating chanels of smooth sheet
1411 Ridge to flat sheet with cracks
1412 Small local collapse; jumbled flow
1412 Sheet flow into collapse and lobate flow
1413 Out of lobates, back to sheets
1414 Smooth sheet and braided sheet
1415 Sinuous crack in sheet, shallow (<0.5 m), narrow (30 cm wide); more cracks
1415 Folded sheets to jumbled, hdg 169 [back to map]
1417 Jumbled flow, drop off to stbd where there is more folded sheet; pillars 
 on margin of collapse area, lobate flow on roof
1417 Over pit with jumbled flow, talus in bottom
1419 Ropey flow at bottom of collapse; then to margin

END OF BOTH SIDES OF TAPE; no second tape available.
[back to map]