Pre-Cruise Information


Contact Dr. Alexander Shor, Assistant Dean of Research at SOEST, for information on contracting the Kilo Moana or the Ka’imikai-o-Kanaloa.


Shipping Information & Requirements

When shipping anything to the University of Hawaii Marine Center, for a cruise or otherwise, please fill out the information form below so we can properly handle & store your packages:
Shipping Information Form
All deliveries should be clearly marked as follows:

  • PI/POC
  • 965 N Nimitz Hwy
  • HONOLULU, HI 96817

In addition, fill out the information below:

Fields marked with a * are required

Person/Group Information

Package Information

Cruise Information (if applicable)

* Important Forms for Containers: Container Authorization for Arrival Form

Science Planning

  • Science Planning Information
  • Underwater Vehicles
    • Contact the responsible UH laboratory or research group.
  • Dive Planning
    • Scientific diving conducted aboard UH research vessels must be coordinated with the UH Diving Safety Program. Principal investigators requiring dive operations as part of their research are responsible for working with the UH Diving Safety Program to gain approval as part of their cruise planning.

Shore-Side Facilities Usage

  • Information on shore-side facilities usage like the machine shop, cranes, and more can be found here.

Pre-Cruise Forms and Documents

  • Berthing Forms | Kilo Moana | KOK |
  • Waiver Forms | A UH Waiver Form must be completed by all scientific personnel who participate in cruises.
  • If Shipping Containers to the Marine Center Contact Ross Barnes or Randy Driver.
    • A Container Authorization for Arrival form is required.
  • UNOLS safety manual | Reading for all oncoming scientists.


  • For Local or Foreign Ships’ Agent(s) info, contact Ross Barnes
  • For Commercial Vessel Charters info, contact Ross Barnes
    • The UH Marine Center contracts local vessels for charter operations if a suitable vessel is not available from the marine center. If a scientist needs assistance in selecting a suitable vessel for a project, it may be possible to provide a contract vehicle through existing agreements or we may be able to provide advice on Hawaii-based charter vessels that are suitable for project needs.