Port Operations

Organization and Personnel

Marine Center operations are coordinated through the UH SOEST Asst. Dean of Research’s Office and organized into shipboard operations and marine technical services
Personnel Responsibilities Table


Dr. Alexander “Sandy” Shor Asst. Dean for Research shor@hawaii.edu
  • Oversight of shipboard operations and marine technical services
  • Contracts and quotations for ship usage
Ross Barnes Port Operations Manager pom@soest.hawaii.edu
  • Employment opportunities aboard ship
  • Dock Space
  • Shipboard policies
  • Shipping instructions and storage arrangements
  • KOK Availability
  • Small boats and charter vessels
Alan Hilton Marine Superintendent marsup@soest.hawaii.edu
  • Marine Center
  • Ship scheduling
  • Marine Center budget
J. Scott Ferguson Director, Marine Technical Services jscottf@hawaii.edu
349-2750 (cell)
  • Ocean technology group coordinator
  • Scientific cruise planning
  • Scientific equipment
  • ROV/Gliders
  • Shipboard computers and data
  • Winches and wire
  • Coordination with shipboard operations
Michael Banas Port Engineer mgbanas@hawaii.edu
  • Shipboard and shoreside engineering
  • Shipyard issues
  • Use of machine shop and shorside equipment (cranes, forklifts, trucks)
  • Wire spooling
Merlita Evanoff Administrative Assistant merlitao@hawaii.edu
  • General contact/contact if others unavailable
  • Shipboard administrative issues
Leah Nihipali Purchasing Agent lnihipal@hawaii.edu
  • General contact/contact if others unavailable
  • OTG purchasing and administrative issues
Robin Vye Warehouseman robinvye@hawaii.edu
  • Warehouse coordination and inventory
  • Shipping and receiving

Marine Center Polices

The UH Marine Center maintains a controlled set of shipboard policies that are available upon request from: Ross Barnes.

The general orientation policy for new shipboard and scientific crew is available for download and should be read by all incoming personnel. An orientation briefing is also provided during the first 24-hours aboard ship. All scientific personnel are required to sign and submit a copy of the waiver form provided here.

Dock Space and Availability

The University of Hawaii Marine Center has ~800 ft. of pier space at Pier 35. Visiting University and National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS) vessels are eligible to dock at the Marine Center if space is available. Foreign research vessels cannot be accommodated for security reasons. Visiting vessels are charged for the cost of electricity. For information on availability and scheduling of dock space, contact: Ross Barnes.