The R/V KOK is a 223’ single-hulled vessel owned and operated by the University of Hawaii Marine Center. The ship was modified in 1993 to serve as the primary support ship for three submersibles, but also functions as a multi-purpose oceanographic research vessel. Over 1050 sq. ft. of space is provided in 4 different laboratories and over 3000 sq. ft. of exterior working space is available on the aft main deck, the aft 01 deck, and the hangar. The KOK operates out Honolulu, Hawaii and has worked throughout the Pacific over the past 2 decades. The cruising speed is 9 kts with a minimum speed of approximately 1 kt.


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image of KOK general arrangement

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image of KOK profile

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Main Deck


wet lab

This is the “wet” / chemistry lab on the main deck. The door in the rear leads to a small “clean room.” This lab also accommodates computers for collection and analysis of CTD data. There is a cable from here to the hydro winch slip rings for this purpose.

et lab

The ET lab is for repair and development of electronic / electrical equipment associated with various scientific endeavors.

rock lab

The rock Lab provides space for storage and analysis of solid samples recovered from the ocean. It also allows access to the “Straza Tower” which houses the trolly to transport the sub tracking and communication equipment in and out of the water.


This lab contains the SeaBeam 2000 bathymetry acquistion system. Here It is possible to complete finished 3D, colored charts with the on board equipment.

Public Area


This is a view of the galley. In the foreground is the steam table with dish / glass / cup storage above and below. A large commercial food mixer used to make fresh bread, pies etc is shown on the right.

mess deck

This view shows the mess deck with a sink and serving area in the foreground. An automatic coffee maker is seen on the extreme right. Just off the right side of the picture is a soft ice cream machine, refrigerated salad bar.

conference room

This photo is of the conference room. This facility is useful both at sea and ashore. There is also an ice machine and a double juice machine. Cold soft drinks are available in a refrigerated vending machine at no cost. A small microwave oven is also available for use anytime by crew or science personnel.


The K-O-K is fortunate in having two TV / Library lounges. Although small they are extremely comfortable. Smoking is not permitted in the lounges. Although you can’t see it, there is a large TV and VCR just off the left side of the picture. The other lounge contains the same facilities.

01 Deck



This is a view from the mezzanine looking aft at the Pisces V about to enter the hangar


This photo shows the Pices V entering the hangar. The mezzanine is seen in the upper right

Air Castle

This area provides a central location for the damage control locker. CTD’ s are both deployed and retrieved from this space. Access to the Straza Tower is available here, and provisions are made for use of the gangway from this level. Unfortunately, at this point we do not have a photo. There will be one in the near future.


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Here is a view of one of the staterooms on the 01 deck. The bunk structure is typical of most staterooms. The door on the left leads to a shower and toilet shared with the adjacent cabin.


This is another view of a typical stateroom. Each room has a sink, and two hanging storage lockers with drawers underneath. There is also a small refrigerator beneath one of the lockers.

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02 Deck

Scientific Equipment

Deep Water Multibeam Sonar System
The Seabeam 3012 Phase 1 hybrid 12 kHz multibeam sonar bathymetric mapping system is installed aboard KOK. The Seabeam is capable of acoustically charting the seafloor peaks and valleys with complete high-resolution coverage to depths of 11,000 meters. A near real-time contour plot for the current swath is produced, and the digital data is recorded for later post-processing on the ship-board Linux workstation. Some applications of this technology are: hydrographic charting for hazards to navigation, search and recovery operations, submersible support, marine resource exploration, scientific research, and locations of seamounts as natural fish aggregation devices.

CTD System

Seabird SBE 9/11plus CTD housing with pressure sensor, rated for 6,800m depth rating, equipped with:

  • 2 Sea-Bird SBE 3P temperature sensors
  • 2 Sea-Bird SBE 4C conductivity sensors
  • 2 Sea-Bird SBE 43 dissolved oxygen sensors
  • Other auxiliary sensors can be included by prior arrangement:
    • Biospherical QSP-2300 log scalar PAR sensor (2,000 m depth rating),
    • Wetlabs ECO FLNTU Chlorophyll Fluorometer & Turbidity sensor (6,000 m depth rating),
    • Seapoint SCF Chlorophyll Fluorometer (6,000 m depth rating),
    • Wetlabs C-Star 25 cm transmissometer (6,000 m depth rating),
    • Applied Microsystems SVPlus sound velocity profiler (5,000 m depth rating).
  • For casts being conducted near the sea bottom an altimeter or a 12 kHz acoustic pinger will be attached to the frame to monitor the package’s height off the sea floor.
  • Water samples can be collected with 12 L PVC sampling bottles with internal Teflon-coated springs. The bottles can be triggered at any depth with a Seabird SBE 32 carousel.
  • 24-bottle and 12-bottle rosette frames are available.

Underway Sea Water

An underway seawater system is installed, with a thermosalinograph and a bench top fluorometer.

Underway Instrumentation
  • ADCP — Workhorse 300
  • Knudsen 320C with 12 kHz transducer
  • Thermosalinograph: SBE21 analog, with SBE-3S temperature probe.
  • Turner Fluorometer
  • RM Young Anemometer

Underway Data

At the end of the cruise, one copy of all the data is given to the chief scientist.

  • ADCP: wh300
  • GPS: Trimble GPS
  • Gyro heading
  • Wind speed and heading
  • Thermosalinograph: SBE-21 temperature, SBE-21 conductivity, SBE-21 salinity, SBE-3 sea surface temperature
  • Fluorometer

Support Equipment

  • One Pittman Crane (02-deck) with capacity- 10,000 lbs
  • One Aurora 45F Folding Crane, Model 45KTNC 10,000 (Aft Deck, port side) with capacity of 40,000 lbs at 15 ft, 16,200 lbs at 25 ft, and 10,000 lbs at 45 ft.
  • North American crane (Aft Deck, starboard quarter) 2,000 lbs

  • Northern Line trawl winch (Model 3355-EAHOW) with 10,000 meters of 9/16” wire
  • Markey DESH-5 Hydrographic Winch with 10,000 meters of 0.322 three conductor cable.
  • 440 VAC, 3 phase 30A, 60A and 100A available in after hanger to support portable equipment





KOK CTD Launch


KOK Deck Ops











Rough Recovery


Sub Launch


Sub Support

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  • In Port Ship Numbers: (808) 587-8562 | (808) 587-8563
  • Voice: 011-870-773-233658
  • Fax: 011-870-783-206928
  • Cell: (808) 690-5393

Ka`imikai-O-Kanaloa Master: master@kok.soest.hawaii.edu

Marine Technicians, both out to sea and in port, can be reached via: otg@soest.hawaii.edu