Dive 3364 ALVIN Photos

There were some photo misnumberings on the in-sub sample sheets. Picture numbers were adjusted as described below.

File NameOriginal
Rock Samples
3364sam1a.jpg 1flash
3364sam1b.jpg 2-
3364sam2.jpg 3-
3364sam3.jpg 4-
3364-005.jpg 5either sam4 or sam5 (rock sheet says sam4)
3364sam6.jpg 6(rock sheet says sam5)
3364sam9.jpg 7(rock sheet says sam6)
3364sam9cr.jpg -(crop of sam9)
3364sam9crsm.jpg -(reduced size crop of sam9)
3364sam10.jpg 8-
3364fun1.jpg 9near surface
3364fun2.jpg 11near surface

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