Atlantis Cruise 3-31

Southern EPR 17°-19°S:
The STOWA Expedition
Jan 25 -March 6, 1999 Chief Scientist: John Sinton
Volcanological Investigations of a Superfast-Spreading Mid-Ocean Ridge
Project PIs: John Sinton, Roday Batiza, Ken Rubin

Additional studies/Project Add-ons
1. Mussel-Bed Biodiversity (Cindy Van Dover),
2. ABE Bathymetric Survey (Milene Cormier, Bill Ryan)
Sinton et al., 2002, JGR Rubin et al., 2001
Bergmanis, Sintom, Rubin, 2007, G-cubed
Shipboard Science Links
Alvin Dives Wax Coring and Dredging
Photos Cruise Participants
Alvin Samples DSL Survey
ABE Deployments
Background/Other Links
NSF Proposals Transponder Locations
Regional Bathymetry & Track Maps Working Relative Lava Age Scale


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