Shimadzu High-Temperature TOC-L Combustion Analyzer

Shimadzu image The Shimadzu TOC-L combustion analyzer is the state-of-the-art instrument for analysis of DOC and TDN. The TOC-L series adopts the 680°C combustion catalytic oxidation method, which was developed by Shimadzu and is employed with confidence in many reputable oceanographic laboratories around the country. This instrument provides automated analysis of liquid samples for total carbon (TC), inorganic carbon (IC), total organic carbon (TOC), and non-purgeable organic carbon (NPOC). The TN unit allows for simultaneous TOC and Total Nitrogen (TN) analysis; dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) can be derived from the latter after subtracting total dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN, to be determined on the Seale AA3 nutrient autoanalyzer as [NO3- + NO2- + NH4+]).

The TOC-L utilizes the combustion catalytic oxidation method, which makes it possible to efficiently oxidize not only easily-decomposed, low-molecular-weight organic compounds, but also hard-to-decompose insoluble and macromolecular organic compounds. A known amount of sample is introduced into the instrument and is either combusted (TC, TOC, NPOC) or acidified and purged (IC). Carbon content is measured as CO2 by non-dispersive infrared gas analysis.

S-LAB Accuracy and Precision Analysis (PDF)


Shimadzu TOC-L CSH/CSN Userís Manual. 2010 Shimadzu Corporation; Analytical & Measuring Instruments Division; Kyoto, Japan.