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S-LAB rotating images. The SOEST Laboratory for Analytical Biogeochemistry (S-LAB) measures dissolved inorganic and organic nutrients (P, N, Si); dissolved organic and inorganic carbon; dissolved oxygen; salinity; solid-phase carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorus; and chlorophyll-a in natural waters, sediments, soils, and vegetation. These analyses provide the essential, fundamental data that form the backbone of a broad range of study areas, including chemical and biological oceanography, sediment biogeochemistry, fresh and brackish water biogeochemistry, groundwater biogeochemistry, botany, ecology, and soil biogeochemistry.

S-LAB provides analyses at a per sample rate, as well as access to several instruments for user-based sample analysis. Description of instrumentation housed at S-LAB, laboratory procedures and protocols, and quality control data from the instrumentation are provided in this website. Please navigate to the pages of interest to you and your research project.

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To request service or use of the S-LAB facility please fill out the required form below and email to slab@soest.hawaii.edu.

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