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Publication Services

A PDF of the SOEST Publications List (SOEST no. 8000 series; approx. 2007–2013) is available here. PDFs of the SOEST no. 7000 and 6000 series are also available. Please e-mail your requests for a contribution number, and any corrections/updates, to May Izumi. See “Other Services” (below) for details.

Services Available


  • May Izumi (editor)
  • 808.956.7059
  • HIG 135

  • Copy editing for correct punctuation, grammar, style, and format for specific journals/publications. Includes reference checking, review of figures and tables for size, logical arrangement, and good reproducibility; turnaround in < 1–3 days depending on your deadline and our work load. Galley proofing against manuscripts, same- or one-day turnaround. As time allows, we will support faculty who are scientific editors for journals or proceedings/publications such as AGU monographs. Editing, compiling proceedings of workshops, seminars. Compile, desktop publish newsletters. Editorial services are usually free to SOEST faculty.


  • Nancy Hulbirt (illustrator / graphic artist) •
  • Brooks Bays (web design and graphics / graphic artist) •
  • 808.956.7079
  • HIG 133

  • Graphic design: logos, brochure/book/poster design and layout. We can also handle all aspects of production of the final printed piece.
  • Technical illustration: maps, charts, graphs, and equipment diagrams for publication in journals and books or as posters, overheads, or slides for meetings.
  • Web pages: clean, accessible pages.
  • We have some samples of our work online. These illustrations and graphics were mostly created in Adobe Illustrator (long may it wave), and rasterized in Photoshop.
  • $50/hr for all services (new price effective 01 September 2013)


  • We will produce your material camera-ready (600 dpi printer) for journals, proceedings, and books; provide us with a diskette and guidelines from the publisher. To print brochures, reports, or posters, we'll work with printers or graphic services, prepare specifications and get bids, communicate with printers through whole process. After the original text or artwork is ready, whether prepared by us or not, we will assure that the material is of appropriate quality, prepare printing specifications, consult with printers and photographic vendors or image setters, accept bids, generate purchasing documents, track and inspect the work, then bill the customer. For outside services: their cost + our time getting bids, preparing copy @ $55/hr. In-house production (desktop publishing) of camera-ready copy (new price effective 01 September 2013): $50/hr (new price effective 01 September 2013).

Other Services Available

  • Post events and announcements to the SOEST News site. Please email May Izumi if you have an event or announcement, or Brooks Bays if you have any other type of news item.
  • Compile and maintain the online directory of phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and office addresses. Please email changes and corrections to May at
  • Compile and maintain the SOEST Publications List, including assigning SOEST contribution numbers. The Publications List is updated regularly and accessible for your review (see the links at the beginning of this page).
  • Assign SOEST contribution numbers. Well before a reviewed and accepted paper is in the galley proof stage, please e-mail author(s) name, article title, and as much of the journal citation as you have, to May Izumi. We are understaffed at the moment so please expect a minimum of two business days to respond to you with a contribution number, although we will try to respond as soon as possible.
  • Manage SOEST's HP DesignJet T7100PS wide-format plotter/printer. To set up to print, follow the Research Computing Facility driver download instructions. The printer is located in POST 840. Prints are charged by the linear foot: bond paper is $4.00 per linear foot; glossy is $7.00 per linear foot; ink-only is $3.00 per linear foot. Log the details of your print job on the clipboard (default plot length is 8 ft). For jobs sent from Illustration machines add our time to consult (minimum charge $12.50), FTP files, and print @ $50/hr (new price effective 01 September 2013).
  • Scanning text or images. We're set up in Illustration to scan from reflective art work and put it onto CD or FTP site. Publications is set up to scan text, either for OCR or straight into MS Word or PDF, or from MS Word or LaTeX into pdf.
  • Other: We will help as we can with word processing file conversion between systems or softwares, word processing, and desktop publishing problems in general: $50/hr (new price effective 01 September 2013).
Photo of SOEST Publications personnel

The Pubs Gang

The SOEST Publication Services gang in April 2006: (from left to right) editor May Izumi, illustrator Nancy Hulbirt, senior editor and project manager Diane Henderson (retired), and illustrator Brooks Bays.

For more information, call or email one of the people listed above or write to us at
  • Publication Services
  • School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology
  • University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
  • 2525 Correa Rd, HIG 133 and HIG 135
  • Honolulu, HI 96822
  • TEL 808.956.7059 • FAX 808.956.2538

Thank you!

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