Fishery Management Concerns

Fishery Management Concerns

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Local depletion: The exploitation rate at the Cross seamount appears to be quite high and it is possible that fishing could cause transient decreases in abundance at the seamount. The high “sight fidelity” of bigeye would appear to make them particularly vulnerable. However the exchange rate from “elsewhere” appears high so that the population will be rapidly replenished.

Fishery interaction: Ninety percent of the recaptures were from the release site. It is unlikely that high exploitation rates at Cross and the other offshore sites are affecting other fisheries.

Overfishing (of juveniles): A major component of the total attrition is “natural mortality”, which includes emigration from the system. An improvement to the analysis would be to estimate M as a function of age or size. Such estimates would enable a more accurate effect of the effects of exploitation of juveniles on the productivity of the stock.