Offshore Tagging Summary

Offshore Tagging Summary

Holland, 1997 (

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The first fish were tagged and released in August 1995. A total of 4,859 fish have been tagged and 294 recovered. The overall recovery rate is 6.1% (5.2% bigeye and 8.1% yellowfin). The latest information can be found on the PFRP web page (

Most were recaptured by handline and most were recaptured at the point of release (90% bigeye; 87% yellowfin).

Fish were tagged as recently as July 1997, and more returns are anticipated over the next 6 - 12 months

When complete, this data set will be the basis for estimating the dynamics of bigeye and yellowfin populations in the offshore fishery.

The analysis I will present is a preliminary analysis of the preliminary data.