No I don't really look like that monster fish, though some might disagree, and I don't eat kittens as well. Well anyway so you are interested in me. I am orginally from the country of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. That's the first flag on the left above. How can I be from two places you ask? Well I am not, but the country is made up of two islands. I actually grew up and lived on the larger of the two, Trinidad.
I also live and work on another island, called Oahu, in the Pacific in the state of Hawaii in the USA. The second flag is the Hawaiian state flag. Since Hawaii is the 50th state in the U.S. I'll show off the American flag as well.
I use an X terminal which is a client of a SPARCstation 20 (UNIX). We also have two PCs and a SPARCstation 5. I do mostly computer programming in C++ in support of the computer modeling we do, and now some HTML of course. Please e-mail me if you have any comments or suggestions about the PFRP's web pages.
Thanks for your interest in me and the program. You can use the up button to return to the PFRP's home page.