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2006 Request for Proposals
*** Full Proposals due April 7, 2006 ***

Budget Preparation for Full Proposal
The budget should show only the PFRP portion for each year's work; the first year is July 1, 2006 - June 30, 2007. Any agency match or in-kind services should be submitted on a separate page.

There are several ways in which PFRP project awards are administered:

1) If the lead PI is employed with the UH or NMFS, then the project funds are administered in-house by the JIMAR office. Sample budget.

2) If the lead PI is employed with a non-UH/NMFS agency then project funds are administered as a subcontract to the PI's agency. In addition to the indirect cost (ICR) assessed by the PI's agency, a JIMAR 20.6% ICR of the first 25k of the subcontract must be budgeted into the total budget, i.e., $5150 USD. Multiple subcontracts can be awarded for one project award and the 20.6% ICR will be applied to each subcontract. Any matching funds should be shown on a separate page.
Sample budget for one subcontract recipient, for two subcontract recipients.

3) Funds can be split where some of the project funds are administered in-house by JIMAR and the remainder is issued as a subcontractor to the non-UH agency. Sample budget.

The following applies to all forms of funding:

The NOAA Grants office will disallow any budget items not clearly related or defined in the
scope of work.
Each position should include: position title, % of full- or part-time enrollment, wage rate, and fringe benefit rate for each position. See sample budget sheets.
UH definition of equipment is an item costing >$5k USD per unit. Applicant must submit price quotes for equipment purchases >$5k. For JIMAR-administered projects, equipment is not assessed the ICR; computers <$5k should be listed under Other Direct Costs. Equipment definition and cost may be handled differently for each agency.
Each trip must include the following: destination, meeting and purpose, estimated no. of travel days, economy class airfare estimates, per diem rate, ground transportation costs and any other travel costs, e.g., conference fees, visa applications.
Other Direct Costs
Include no. of units and unit cost. Examples of budget items listed under this include: personal computers, printers, software, fish tags, research and laboratory supplies, computer network charges, student tuition, publication costs, etc.
Total Direct Costs (TDC)
The total of of Personnel, Equipment, Travel and Other Direct Costs. For JIMAR-administered awards, the equipment costs ARE NOT assessed the ICR. TDC less equipment costs is called "Modified Total Direct Costs" (MTDC).
Indirect Cost Rate (ICR)
this is a % of the TDC or MTDC. The ICR varies among organizations. For UH "on-campus" the ICR is 25%, for "UH off-campus" (NMFS-HL) the ICR is 20.6%. For non-UH projects use your organization rate.
Subcontract ICR
In addition to the indirect cost (ICR) assessed by your organization, a JIMAR 20.6% ICR of the first 25k of the subcontract must be budgeted into the total budget, i.e., $5150.
Agency matching funds or in-kind services. Include this on a separate page.
Full Proposal Review and Selection Process
a. A completed full proposal must be submitted by April 7, 2006.
Annual costs of proposed projects can be as high as $200,000, but higher costs will be considered for exceptional projects. Proposals for projects expected to extend for several years are welcome, but funds can only be allocated on an annual basis. Such projects should be structured to ensure that measurable results are presented on an annual basis.
b. Research proposals will then be sent out for peer review.
c. A special review panel will be convened to review the research proposals and peer review
comments,and to make funding recommendations to the PFRP Steering Committee.

d. Final decisions on awards will be taken in June 2, 2006.

Correspondence should be addressed to the PFRP Program Manager, Dr. John Sibert, Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1000 Pope Road, MSB 312, Honolulu, HI 96822, email:

Further Information
The PFRP is currently sponsoring research projects on the biology of tunas and billfishes, on the oceanographic environment of pelagic fish, on the influence of environment on fishery performance, and on social and economic factors influencing fisheries. A list of projects supported by the PFRP, publications and other information can be obtained from the PFRP web site. For further information or questions about the application process please contact either John Sibert ,, or Dodie Lau,

PDF of RFP Announcement

Final Draft - Research Priorities Workshop Report (Jan. 12, 2006, PDF, 393 KB)

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