Tagged tuna graphic by Nancy Hulbirt, SOEST Illustration.

PFRP Principal Investigators Workshop
Pelagic Ecosystem Structure and the Forage of High Trophic Level Species and Managing Fisheries: Catch Limits and Catch Shares

November 19-20, 2009, Asia Room, Imin Conference Center
University of Hawaii at Manoa campus

Meeting information
Meeting presentations

PowerPoint presentations (converted to PDF format) are listed according to meeting agenda. Title of the actual presentation may vary from title listed on agenda. File conversion from PPT to PDF may have altered contents on some presentations; let PFRP know of any discrepancies. Some presenters did not want their presentations posted. Please contact the P.I./presenter for information.

Presentations from: Thursday Nov. 19; Friday Nov. 20

Thursday, November 19
Kevin Weng, UHM PFRP - Introductory Remarks

James Kitchell, Center for Limnology, Univ. of Wisconsin
Keynote: Models and Money: Two Tools for Evaluating Bycatch of Billfishes (5 MB)

Michael Musyl, NMFS PIFSC
Factors Affecting Post-Release Survival in Pelagic Fish and Sharks (7.8 MB)

William A. Walsh and Keith Bigelow, NMFS PIFSC
Shark Catches by the Hawaii-based Longline Fishery from 1995 through 2007 (782 KB)

Keith Bigelow and Eric Fletcher, NMFS PIFSC
Gear Depth in the American Samoa Longline Fishery and Mitigation to Minimize Turtle Interactions with Corresponding Effects on Fish Catches (374 KB)

Reka Domokos, NMFS PIFSC
Characterization of the Environment at Cross Seamount and its Effects on the Distribution and Biomass of Micronekton (5.6 MB)

Melanie Abecassis, NMFS PIFSC
Parametrization of Loggerhead Sea Turtle Habitat in the North Central Pacific within the Seapodym Model

Anela Choy, Jeff Drazen, and Brian Popp, UHM Oceanography
Utilizing Chemical Tracers for Pelagic Food Web Understanding (827 KB)

Tim Lam, USC
Less is More - The Neglected Aspect of Data Management in Electronic Tagging (178 KB), Tagbase Demo movie clip (13 MB)

Eun Jung Kim, UHM PFRP
Simulating the Effect of FAD Density on Large Scale Movements of Pelagic Fishes (1.8 MB), movie clip (2 MB)

David Itano, UHM PFRP
Hawaii Tuna Tagging Project 2 (5.4 MB)

Jay Rooker and Dave Wells, Texas A & M University
Nursery Origin of Yellowfin and Bigeye Tuna in the Hawaiian Islands (1.6 MB)

John Sibert, UHM
Sloping Towards the Holy Grail: Combining Conventional Tagging Data with Tracking Data (1 MB), AtlanticBFT movie clip (61 MB)

Friday, November 20

Ralph Townsend, NZ Ministry of Fisheries
Alternative Catch Share Approaches: Trade-off among Economic Benefits, Administrative Costs, and Political Acceptability

Justin Hospital, Skaidra Scholey, and Minling Pan, NMFS PIFSC
Economic and Social Characteristics of the Hawaii Small Boat Fishery (2 MB)

Ed Glazier, IAI
Descriptive Assessment of Traditional and Small-Scale Fisheries and Prospective ACLs in the Western Pacific (425 KB)

Pierre Kleiber, NMFS PIFSC
Truth and Honesty in Fisheries Science: Are we moving closer? (4.4 MB)

Kim Holland, UHM HIMB
The HIOOS program - An Overview and Some First Results (3.8 MB)

Carl Meyer, UHM HIMB
First Use of Mobile Peer-to-Peer Network Technology on a Marine Animal - The “Business Card” Tag (3.5 MB)

Yannis Papastamatiou, UHM HIMB
Integrating Mechanics, Behavior and Ecology: Use of Multi-sensor Acceleration Loggers to Study Shark Behavior (1.5 MB)

Melinda Holland, Wildlife Computers
New Developments in Electronic Monitoring of Wildlife (1.4 MB)

Rob Toonen, UHM HIMB
Recent Advances in Genetic Techniques Suggest Rethinking Panmixia in Highly Dispersive Marine Species

Patrick Lehodey, CLS
Earth's Tuna System: The Past, the Future and the Missing Link (2.3 MB)
CLIOTOP Update (1.8 MB)

Robin Baird, Cascadia Research
Movements of Satellite-tagged False Killer Whales in Hawai'i with Implications for Management (2.8 MB)



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