Tagged tuna graphic by Nancy Hulbirt, SOEST Illustration.

PFRP Principal Investigators Workshop
Tuna Forage and Synoptic Estimates of Mid-trophic Level Biomass

November 18-19, 2008, Pacific Room, Imin Conference Center
University of Hawaii at Manoa campus

Meeting information
Meeting presentations

PowerPoint presentations (converted to PDF format) are listed according to meeting agenda. Title of the actual presentation may vary from title listed on agenda. File conversion from PPT to PDF may have altered contents on some presentations; let PFRP know of any discrepancies. Some presentations not available; contact the P.I. for information.

Presentations from: Tuesday Nov. 18; Wednesday Nov. 19

Tuesday, November 18
John Sibert, PFRP - Introductory Remarks (748 KB)

Ed Glazier and Courtney Carothers, IAI
Patterns of Distribution of Pelagic Seafood on the Island of O'ahu: Preliminary Results from the PFRP Fish Flow Project (2.8 MB)

Donald Hawn, NMFS PIFSC
The Use of Temperature-Depth-Recorders in the Hawaii-based Longline Fishery to Characterize Bigeye Tuna (Thunnus obesus) Fishing Grounds (3 MB)

John Lynham, UHM Dept. of Economics
Can Catch Shares Prevent Fisheries Collapse?

Run Yu and PingSun Leung, UHM MBBE
Potential Application of Agent Based Models in Fishery Management (2.5 MB)

Kim Holland, Laurent Dagorn, and Carl Meyer, UHM HIMB and IRD
The Business Card Tag - The Concept and Results of First Field Trials (2.6 MB), movie clip

Simon Nicol, SPC
WCPFC/SPC Pacific Tuna Tagging Project (964 KB)

Eun Jung Kim and John Sibert, PFRP
Selection of Likelihood Function for Spatially Resolved Tag Attrition Models (807 KB)

David Itano, Kim Holland, and Kevin Weng, UHM PFRP
Hawaii Tuna Tagging Project 2 - With Updates on Related Tagging Projects (6 MB)

Jeffrey Polovina and Melanie Abecassis, NMFS PIFSC
Inferring Species Changes at the Top of the Pelagic Ecosystem with Data from the Hawaii Longline Fishery

Keith Bigelow and Simon Hoyle, NMFS PIFSC and SPC
Standardized CPUE for Distant-water Fleets Targeting South Pacific Albacore and Assessment Implications

Michael Laurs, Michael Musyl, and David Foley, RML Consultants and NMFS PIFSC
Identification of Central Pacific Large Pelagic Shark Habitats using PSATs, Satellite Remote Sensing, and SODA Ocean Assimilation Models (1.5 MB)

Reka Domokos, NMFS PIFSC
Environmental Effects on Forage and Longline Fishery Performance for Albacore Tuna in the American Samoa EEZ (6 MB)

Valerie Allain, Robert Olson, and Felipe Galvan, SPC, I-ATTC, and CICIMAR
Tuna Diet in the Equatorial Pacific, East to West (3.8 MB)

Anela Choy, UHM Oceanography Dept.
Examining the Trophic Connectivity of Hawaiian Pelagic Predatory Fish and their Micronektonic Prey

Jay Rooker and David Itano, Texas A&M, PFRP
Nursery Origin of Yellowfin Tuna in the Hawaiian Islands (2 MB)

Reka Domokos, NMFS PIFSC
Bigeye Tuna and its Forage Base at Cross Seamount (28 MB)

Melinda Holland, Wildlife Computers
Mk9 Archival Tags and Temperature Drift - The Problem, the Scope, the Remedy

Wednesday, November 19

Tim Theisen, Brian Bowen, and John Baldwin (Bowen, UHM HIMB)
Global Population Structure of the Wahoo (1.3 MB)

Elliot Hazen and Dave Johnston, (Hazen, Duke Marine Lab, NC)
Latitudinal Complexity in the Deep Scattering Layers and Top Predator Distribution in the Central Equatorial Pacific (2 MB)

Monty Graham, Dauphin Isle Sea Lab, AL
From Jellyfish to Finfish: Incorporating Gelatinous Plankton into Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management Practices

R.J. Kloser, T. Ryan, Jock W. Young, and M. Lewis (Young, CSIRO)
Ocean Basin Scale Acoustic Observations of Mid-trophic Fishes, Potential and Challenges (3 MB)

Robert Cowen, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, Univ. of Miami
In situ Ichthyoplankton Imaging for Rapid Survey of Egg and Larval Scombroids

Patrick Lehodey, I. Senina, J. Jouanno, and B. Calmettes, CLS
Mid-trophic Functional Groups in SEAPODYM: Simulations, Evaluation and Application (2.3 MB)

Julien Jouanno, P. Lehodey, I. Senina, and B. Calmettes, CLS
Evaluation of SEAPODYM Mid-trophic Production from Acoustic Data (3 MB)

Karine Briand and Xavier Couvelard, SPC
Use of Environmental Models to Simulate the Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Tuna in New Caledonia EEZ (1 MB), movie clip

Nils Olav Handegard, Institute of Marine Research, Norway
Platforms and Methods for Acoustic Detection and Monitoring of Key Ecosystem Properties (7 MB)


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