Tagged tuna graphic by Nancy Hulbirt, SOEST Illustration.

PFRP Principal Investigators Workshop
Associative Behavior: Fisheries, FADs and Conservation

November 13-14, 2007, Asia Room, Imin Conference Center
University of Hawaii at Manoa campus

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Meeting presentations

PowerPoint presentations (converted to PDF format) are listed according to meeting agenda. Title of the actual presentation may vary from title listed on agenda. File conversion from PPT to PDF may have altered contents on some presentations; let PFRP know of any discrepancies. Some presentations not available; contact the P.I. for information.

Presentations from: Tuesday Nov. 13; Wednesday Nov. 14

Tuesday, November 13
John Sibert, PFRP - Introductory Remarks

Ed Glazier, IAI
Small Boat Bigeye and Yellowfin Tuna Operations and Regulatory Scenarios in the Main Hawaiian Islands (231 KB)

Justin Hospital, Skaidra Scholey, and Minling Pan, NMFS PIFSC
Pelagic Small Boat Fishing in Hawai'i: A Preliminary Look at Classification, Behavior, and Costs (1.8 MB)

Janna Shackerhoff, IAI (Duke Marine Lab)
Observations from a Small Boat Trip to Cross Seamount - Adaptive Offshore Strategies for Meeting Demand at the Local Marketplace (2.5 MB)

Paul Bartram and John Kaneko, PacMar, Inc.
What If You Don't Speak CPUE-ese? (510 KB)

Simon Hoyle and John Sibert, SPC and PFRP
Report of the albatross modeling workshop (1.5 MB)

Katya Boehle, Minling Pan, Linda Cox, and Wuyang Hu, NMFS PIFSC and UH-Manoa
Valuation of Spinner dolphin Excursions in Hawai'i (939 KB)

Bill Walsh and Keith Bigelow, NMFS PIFSC
Species-specific analyses of shark catch data from the Hawaii-based longline fishery, 1995-2006 (393 KB)

Reka Domokos, Mathieu Doray, Michael Seki, and Jeffrey Polovina, NMFS PIFSC
Oceanographic Influences on Albacore Forage in the American Samoa Longline Fishing Grounds (10 MB)

Tim Essington, Mary Hunsicker, Mark Maunder, and Robert Olson, University of Washington and I-ATTC
Evaluating the impacts of predation on the dynamics of pelagic tuna populations (654 KB)

Melanie Abecassis, Jeffrey Polovina, and Donald Hawn, NMFS PIFSC
Vertical and horizontal movements of opah (Lampris guttatus) electronically tagged with pop-up archival satellite tags (1.7 MB)

Mathieu Doray, Reka Domokos, Michael Seki, and Jeffrey Polovina, NMFS PIFSC
Influence of biotic and abiotic environment on large pelagic fish distribution in American Samoa (459 KB)

Jeffrey Dambacher, Jock Young, Robert Olson, Valerie Allain, Alistair Hobday, Scott Cooper, and Matthew Landsdell, CSIRO, I-ATTC, and SPC
Latitudinal variation in food webs leading to top predators in the Pacific Ocean

Keith Bigelow, Minoru Kanaiwa, and Kotaro Yokawa, NMFS PIFSC
Observed gear depth in North Pacific longline fisheries and preliminary efforts to statistically estimate gear depth

Jeffrey Polovina, Evan Howell, and Melanie Abecassis, NMFS PIFSC
The ocean's least productive waters are expanding (554 KB)

Patrick Lehodey, Inna Senina, John Sibert, Laurent Bopp, and Beatriz Calmette, CLS and PFRP
Preliminary forecasts of effects of climate change on bigeye tuna populations (2.2 MB)

Anders Nielsen, PFRP
A mosaic of models for light-based geolocation: How to choose, what to be careful about, and future directions (561 KB)

Michael Musyl, Rich Brill, Yonat Swimmer, LianneMcNaughton et al, NMFS PIFSC and VIMS
Review of pop-up satellite archival tag (PSAT) performance and reliability (1 MB)

Wednesday, November 14

Simon Nicol, David Itano, Bruno Leroy, and Kim Holland, SPC and UH PFRP
Using acoustic and archival tagging data to refine estimates of vulnerability of tropical tuna exploited by WCPO purse seine fisheries

Takayuki Matsumoto, K. Satoh, Y. Semba, T. Oshima, and M. Toyonaga, NRIFSF, Japan
Difference of fish behavior associated with drifting FAD's by species and oceanographic conditions - possibility of selective catch by purse seine fishery (1.8 MB)

Kim Holland and Laurent, UH and IRD
An overview of FAD-related research activities in Hawaii (4.6 MB)

Mathieu Doray, Reka Domokos, and Jeffrey Polovina, NMFS PIFSC
Preliminary results on deep tuna aggregations at Cross Seamount (1 MB)

Jeffrey Drazen, Lisa De Forest, and Reka Domokos, UH and NMFS PIFSC
The influence of Hawaiian seamounts on the forage base for oceanic predators (1 MB)

Laurent Dagorn, Kim Holland, and Jean-Louis Deneubourg, IRD, UH and Universite Libre de Bruxelles
Using FADs as instrumented observatories of pelagic ecosystems (1.5 MB)

Jean-Louis Deneubourg, Laurent Dagorn, and Kim Holland, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, IRD, and UH
Modeling fish dynamics around FADs (1 MB)


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