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PFRP: John Sibert, Dodie Lau
GLOBEC-CLIOTOP: Bob Olson, Jock Young
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"The Role of Squid in Pelagic Marine Ecosystems"
PFRP Principal Investigators Workshop
November 14 -15, 2006

November 16 -17, 2006

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Imin Conference Center

Asia Room (2nd floor)
East-West Road
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Revised PFRP PI meeting agenda - revised & posted 11/9/06
GLOBEC-CLIOTOP WG3 squid meeting agenda
PFRP PI Workshop - 1st announcement, posted 8/1/06
GLOBEC-CLIOTOP WG3 Workshop - 1st announcement, posted 8/1/06

PFRP PI Meeting presentations and GLOBEC-CLIOTOP WG3 presentations
PowerPoint presentations (in PDF format) are listed according to meeting schedule. Titles of the actual presentation may vary from title listed on the meeting agendas. File conversion from PPT to PDF format may have altered contents on some presentations; let us know if there are any discrepancies. Some presentations not available; contact the P.I. directly for information.

John Sibert, UH PFRP
Introductory Remarks (84 KB)

Patrick Lehodey, CLS, France
Introduction to CLIOTOP (2.7 MB)

Shichao Li, Minling Pan, and Samuel G. Pooley, UH PFRP and NMFS PIFSC
Evaluation of Fishing Opportunity under the Sea Turtle Take Cap for Hawaii Swordfish Fishery Using a Spatial Bioeconomic Model (324 KB)

Minling Pan, Adam Griesemer, and Rusyan Jill Mamiit, NMFS PIFSC
Valuation of Recreational Fishery ­ a Case Study on the Open Boat Fishing Tournaments in Hawai`i (489 KB)

Minling Pan and Quang Nguyen, NMFS PIFSC
Technological Adoption and its Impact on Fishing Capacity and productivity (2.1 MB)

Ed Glazier, Impact Assessment, Inc.
Hawaii's Small-Boat Private FAD Fishery: Operational Dynamics and Considerations for Management (3.1 MB)

David Itano, Kim Holland, and John Hampton, UH PFRP and SPC
Papua New Guinea/SPC Tuna Tagging Project: PRFP linking to the bigger picture (2.8 MB)

Kim Holland, UH
Overview of recent electronic tagging and tag development in Hawaii (2.7 MB)

Heidi Dewar, NMFS SWFSC
The ups and downs of swordfish and satellite tagging (2.2 MB)

John Sibert and Anders Nielsen, UH PFRP
Errors in estimating latitude from light measurments (523 KB)

Anders Nielsen and John Sibert, UH PFRP
State space model for estimating geographic positions from light measurements (632 KB)

Eric Gilman, Blue Ocean Institute
Efficacy and Commercial Viability of Regulations Designed to Reduce Sea Turtle Interactions in the Hawaii-Based Longline Swordfish Fishery Break (902 KB)

Yonat Swimmer, Milani Chaloupka, and Chris Boggs, NMFS PIFSC & Ecological Modeling Services
Bayesian semiparametric modelling of factors affecting post-release mortality of loggerheads in the North Pacific: Preliminary results (6 MB)

Milani Chaloupka, Ecological Modeling Services
Bayesian spatial hazard rate modelling of pelagic longline fishery interactions with loggerhead sea turtles in the Pacific (493 KB)

Selina Heppell and Molly Lutcavage, OSU and UNH
Comparing sea turtle distributions and fisheries interactions in the Atlantic and Pacific: Report of Second Workshop (1.13 MB)

David S Kirby, Karine Briand, Valerie Allain, Marie-Laure Coudron, and Adam Langley, SPC
Regime shifts & recruitment: ocean climate/ecosystem variability and links to tuna recruitment (865 KB)

Michael Laurs, David Foley, and Michael Musyl, RML Fisheries Consultant, NMFS PIFSC
Update on research regarding identification and utilization of ocean habitats by large Pacific sharks unsing pop-up satellite archival tags, oceanic satellite remote sensing and SODA simple ocean data simulation model analysis (1.6 MB)

Lisa De Forest and Jeff Drazen, UH Oceanography
Effect of seamounts on mesopelagic micronekton community structure around Hawaii (958 KB)

Brittany Graham, Brian Fry, Robert Olson, Valerie Allain, Felipe Galvan, Brian Popp
From Pelagic Predators to Primary Production: Using Isotope Biogeography to Understand Tropical Tuna Foraging Behavior, Migration, and the Nutrient Dynamics of the Equatorial Pacific

Patrick Lehodey, CLS, France
From mixed-resolution to mixed effects: Climate and Fishing Impacts on the Spatial Population Dynamics of Tunas - A CLIOTOP WG4 - PFRP funded project (810 KB)

Inna Senina, John Sibert, Patrick Lehodey
Adjoint-based parameter estimation for the spatially explicit model of large pelagics (with application to skipjack tuna) (1.8 MB)

Mary Hunsicker and Tim Essington, University of Washington
Intra-guild predation and cannibalism in pelagic predators: implications for the dynamics, assessment and management of Pacific tuna populations (1.1 MB)

Jock Young, Robert Olson, Valerie Allain, Jeffrey Dambacher, Alistair Hobday
Examining latitudinal variation in food webs leading to top predators in the Pacific Ocean: an introduction

Marco Kienzle, NMFS PIFSC
Oceanographic influence on albacore catch from the American Samoa longline fleet (292 KB)

Reka Domokos, NMFS PIFSC
Oceanographic Influences on Albacore and its Forage in the American Samoa Longline Fishing Grounds

Bill Walsh, NMFS PIFSC
Preliminary Results with Shark Bycatch in the HI-based Longline fishery (386 KB)

Keith Bigelow, NMFS PIFSC
Performance of Longline Catchability Models in Assessments of Pacific Highly Migratory Species (811 KB)

Pierre Kleiber, NMFS PIFSC
Stock assessment of blue sharks in the North Pacific (6 MB)

Robert Olson
Workshop Introduction: Why are cephalopods important to tuna fisheries ecologists?

Ron O'Dor
Are squid replacing fish? (14.9 MB)

Hugo Arancibia
Assesing the potential role of predation by jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas) and fishing on small-pelagics (common sardine Strangomera bentincki and anchovy Engraulis ringens) and common hake (Merluccius gayi) in central Chile, 33° S -39° S (460 KB)

William Gilly
Horizontal and vertical migrations of Dosidicus gigas in the Gulf of California revealed by electronic tagging (5.6 MB)

Cesar A. Salinas-Zavala et al
Jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas dÓrbigny, 1835) studies in Mexico: fishery, ecology, and climate (3.25 MB)

Alexander Arkhipkin
The role of squid in linking marine ecosystems (1.3 MB)

Enzo Acuña
Artisanal catches of Dosidicus gigas off Coquimbo, Chile and their relation to environmental variables (1.41 MB)

Yasunori Sakurai
How climate change might impact squid populations and the ecosystems - as an example of Japanese common squid

Emma Hatfield and Eric Hochberg
Dosidicus gigas distribution: Are northern incursion events driven by oceanographic conditions? (3.8 MB)

Rui Rosa and Brad Seibel
Effect of high CO2 on the metabolism of jumbo squid Dosidicus gigas (1 MB)

Taro Ichii
Long-term changes in stock abundance of the neon flying squid, Ommastrephes bartramii, in relation to climate change and fishery in the North Pacific (1.4 MB)

Greta Pecl and George Jackson
Potential impacts of climate change on loliginid squid: biology, ecology and fisheries (3 MB)

Jock Young
Introduction to second day

Molly Lutcavage et al
Squids in stomach contents analysis of large pelagic fishes in the northwest Atlantic Ocean (2 MB)

John Field and Ken Baltz
The jumbo squid, Dosidicus gigas, a new groundfish predator in the California Current? (1.5 MB)

Felipe Galván-Magaña
Cephalopod prey of the apex predator guild in the epipelagic eastern Pacific Ocean (442 KB)

Francis Juanes
Prey size-predator size relationships of squid and their predators in the Northwest Atlantic

Unai Markaida-Aburto
Trophic ecology of jumbo squid Dosidicus gigas in the Gulf of California and adjacent waters (2.6 MB)

Iliana Ruiz-Cooley
Use of stable isotopes to examine foraging ecology of jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas) (1.21 MB)

Enzo Acuña
Use of fatty acids in the study of feeding habits of Dosidicus gigas off Chile (725 KB)

Graham Pierce
Modelling environmental influences on squid life history, distribution, and abundance (2.8 MB)

Matthew Parry
A simple model of the ecological impact of two Ommastrephid squids

Mary Hunsicker et al
The direct and indirect contribution of cephalopods to marine fisheries (1.66 MB)

Jasmín Granados-Amores, Roxana De Silva-Dávila, Martín Hernández-Rivas
Epiplanktonic squids from the west coast of Baja California, México

Susana Camarillo-Coop, Roxana De Silva-Dávila, Martín Hernández-Rivas, Reginaldo Durazo-Arvizu
Spatial-temporal variation of paralarvae of squids (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae) of commercial importance off the west coast of the Baja California Peninsula

Gretta Pecl, SR Tracey, JM Semmens, George Jackson
Addressing spatial management issues of squid with acoustic telemetry

Brad A. Seibel
Egg-brooding in Gonatid squids: Trophic implications for marine mammals

Brad A. Seibel
On the depth and scale of metabolic rate variation in cephalopods


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