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PFRP Principal Investigators Workshop
November 14 -15, 2005

PFRP Research Priorities Workshop
November 16 -18, 2005

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Imin Conference Center

Pacific Room (2nd floor)
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University of Hawaii at Manoa

PFRP PI Workshop Program, posted 10/28/05
Research Priorities Workshop Program, posted 11/8/05
PFRP Meetings - Second announcement, posted 10/19/05


PFRP Project Presentations and Research Priorities Workshop, Guest Speakers
PowerPoint presentations (in PDF format) are listed according to meeting schedule. Titles of the actual presentation may vary from title listed on the workshop program. File conversion from PPT to PDF format may have altered contents on some presentations; let us know if there are any discrepancies. Some presentations not available; contact the P.I. for information.

Naresh Pradhan and PingSun Leung, UH
A Multiobjective Programming Model for Optimal Fleet Efforts: Incorporating Sea Turtle Interactions with Spatial and Seasonal Considerations in Hawaii Longline Fishery

Junning Cai, PingSun Leung, Minling Pan and Sam Pooley, UH, NMFS-PIFSC
Linkage of Fisheries Sectors to Hawaii's Economy and Economic Impacts of Longline Fishing Regulations (186 KB)

Shichao Li and Minling Pan, UH, NMFS-PIFSC
Rethinking Time/Area Closure for Turtle Take Reductions - Tradeoff between Turtle Take Reductions and Economic Impacts

Quang Nguyen and Minling Pan, UH, NMFS-PIFSC
Technology Changes and the Impact in Fishing Capacity in the Hawaii Longline Fleet

Minling Pan and Adam Griesemer, NMFS-PIFSC, UH
Economic Valuation of Fishing Tournaments in Hawaii

Judith Amesbury, Micronesian Archaeological Research Services (MARS)
Archaeological and Historical Data on Pelagic Fisheries in Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands (1.4 MB)

Edward Glazier, Impact Assessment, Inc.
Human Dimensions Analysis of Hawaii's Ika-Shibi Fishery (2.6 MB)

Amy Gough and Stewart Allen, NMFS-PIFSC
Hawaii-Based Longline Fishermens' Perceptions of and Experiences with the Observer Program (521 KB)

Selina Heppell and Molly Lutcavage, OSU, UNH
The Pacific-Atlantic Sea Turtle Assessment Project: Objectives and Progress (1.3 MB)

David Kirby, SPC
Preliminary Simulations of Western Pacific Leatherback Movements using an Individual-based Model (132 KB)

Mark Maunder, I-ATTC
Lessons from an Adventure into Protected Species Modeling (125 KB)

Jeremy Bisson and David Duffy, UH
How much Bait would an Albatross take if an Albatross could take Bait? (1.3 MB)

Reka Domokos, NMFS-PIFSC
Oceanographic Influences on Catch Rates in the American Samoa Longline Fishery (5.2 MB)

Evan Howell, NMFS-PIFSC
HL Fishery at 30N for Bigeye Tuna: Integrating Environmental, Longline, TDR, and PAT Tag Data

William A. Walsh, NMFS-PIFSC
Recent Progress in Analyses of Catch Data from Fishery Observers and in Logbooks (389 KB)


Robert Olson, Brittany Graham, Felipe Galván-Magaña, Brian Popp, Valerie Allain and Brian Fry, I-ATTC, UH, CICIMAR, UH, SPC, LSU

Seeking Trophic Clarity: Linking Stable Isotopes and Stomach Contents in the Pelagic Eastern Pacific Ocean (2.3 MB)

Valerie Allain, Brian Fry, Robert Olson, Felipe Galván-Magaña and Brian Popp, SPC, LSU, I-ATTC, CICIMAR, UH
Diet of Tunas in the Pacific Ocean (1.4 MB)

Brian Popp, UH
Insight into Tuna Trophic Level and Physiology from Compound-specific Nitrogen Isotope Analysis of Proteinaceous Amino Acids (1.7 MB)

Brittany Graham, Brian Fry, Brian Popp, Valerie Allain, Robert Olson and Felipe Galván-Magaña, UH, LSU, UH, SPC, I-ATTC, CICIMAR
Isotope Biogeography: A Novel Approach to Studying Pelagic Predators in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean (2.7 MB)

John Sibert and John Hampton, UH, SPC
Impact of Industrial Tuna Fisheries on Fish Stocks and the Ecosystem of the Pacific Ocean (5 MB)

David Kirby, Patrick Lehodey, Valerie Allain, Adam Langley and Karine Briand, SPC
Regime Shifts and Recruitment in Western & Central Pacific Ocean Tuna Fisheries (485 KB)

Patrick Lehodey, SPC
Multi-species Populations Modelling with Seapodym (2.8 MB)

Inna Senina and John Sibert, UH
Progress in Parameter Estimation for Spatial Population and Ecosystem Dynamics Model (Seapodym) applied to Pacific Skipjack (585 KB)

John Sibert and Johnoel Ancheta, UH
Status of Electronic Tag Data Repository (65 KB)

Anders Nielsen, UH
From Light Measurements to Most Probable Track (500 KB)

Laurent Dagorn, IRD
News from the European Project FADIO in the Indian Ocean: Preliminary Results on Behavior of Fish around Drifting FADs and Prototypes of Instrumented Buoys (1 MB)

Kim Holland, UH
Overview of Hawaii FAD Related Research (2.7 MB)

Carl Meyer and Kim Holland, UH
Status of Web-Based Fish Track Archive (867 KB)

Mark Maunder, I-ATTC
Stock Assessment Modeling Workshop (59 KB)



Kitty Simonds, Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council (WestPac Council)
Lines on the ocean: managing US pelagic fisheries in the Pacific in the 21st century (6.5 MB)

Sam Pooley, NMFS-PIFSC
NOAA Fisheries research and mandates concerning pelagic fisheries in the Pacific (1.7 MB)

Ziro Suzuki, NRIFSF, Shimizu
Pacific bluefin tuna, treasure box for scientific studies or Pandora's Box? (1.9 MB)

Rick Deriso, I-ATTC
Some research ideas to support management of ETP tuna and billfish fisheries (26 KB)

John Hampton, SPC
Oceanic Fisheries Programme Strategic Plan 2006-2008 (627 KB)

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