New PFRP Projects

From the 2006 Request for Proposals
Project funds estimated to be available August 2006

Biology project
Synchronous Assessment of Bigeye Tuna (Thunnus obesus) and Micronekton Biomass, Distribution, and Movement Patterns at Cross Seamount, and the Effects of the Seamount Environment
PIs: Reka Domokos, Kim Holland, and Jeffrey Polovina

Trophodynamics project
Assessment of the Impacts of Mesoscale Oceanographic Features on the Forage Base for Oceanic Predators
PIs: Jeffrey Drazen and Reka Domokos

Trophodynamics project
Intra-guild Predation and Cannibalism in Pelagic Predators: Implications for the Dynamics, Assessment and Management of Pacific Tuna Populations
PIs: Tim Essington, Mark Maunder, Robert J. Olson, James Kitchell, and Enric Cortes

Statistics & modeling project
Combining Individual and Population Based Estimation of Migration Pattern
PIs: Anders Nielsen and John Sibert

Statistics & modeling project
Investigation of Shark Bycatch in the Hawaii-based Longline Fishery, and an Extension of Analyses of Catch Data from Widely Separated Areas in the Pacific Ocean
PIs: William A. Walsh and Keith Bigelow

Trophodynamics project
Examining Latitudinal Variation in Food Webs leading to Top Predators in the Pacific Ocean
PIs: Jock W. Young, Robert J. Olson, Valerie Allain, and Jeffrey M. Dambacher

Biology project
Scaling Up: Linking FAD-associated Local Behavior of Tuna to Regional Scale Movements and Distribution
PIs: Kim Holland and Laurent Dagorn

Biology project
Development of 'Business Card' Tags: Inter-individual Data Transfer
PIs: Laurent Dagorn and Kim Holland

Statistics & modeling project
Performance of Longline Catchability Models in Assessments of Pacific Highly Migratory Species
PIs: Keith Bigelow, Mark Maunder, Adam Langley, and Pascal Bach

Statistics & modeling project
Rescue, Compilation, and Statistical Characterization of Historic Longline Data, Pacific Ocean Fisheries Investigation 1951-1973
PIs: Bert Kikkawa and Robert Skillman

Trophodynamics project
Climate and Fishing Impacts on the Spatial Population Dynamics of Tunas
PIs: Patrick Lehodey and Olivier Maury

Biology project
The Associative Dynamics of Tropical Tuna to a Large-scale Anchored FAD Array
PIs: Kim Holland, David Itano, and John Hampton

Protected Species project
Robust Statistical Re-evaluation of the Effect of Pelagic Longline Fisheries on Loggerhead Sea Turtle Stocks in the Pacific
PI: Milani Chaloupka

Socio-cultural project
Distribution and Use of Seafood in the Context of Community: A Case Study of the Main Hawaiian Islands
PIs: Ed Glazier and Stewart Allen

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