New PFRP Projects

Project funds estimated to be available September 2004

Biology project
Investigation of Aggregation Behavior of FAD-associated Small Yellowfin Tuna and Size Dependant Vertical Stratification
PI: Kim Holland, Laurent Dagorn, David Itano and Dean Grubbs

Biology project
Fishery Dynamics in the Samoan Archipelago
PI: Keith Bigelow, Adam Langley and John Hampton

Statistics and Modeling project
An Analysis of Archaeological and Historical Data on Fisheries for Pelagic Species in Guam and Northern Mariana Islands
PI: Judith Amesbury and Rosalind Hunter-Anderson (Micronesian Archaeological Research Services)

Socio-cultural project
Sociological Baseline of Hawaii-Based Longline Fishery: Extension and Expansion of Scope
PI: Stewart Allen

Economics project
Spatial Modeling of the Tradeoff between Sea Turtle Take Reduction and Economic Returns to the Hawaii Longline Fishery
PI: Keiichi Nemoto and Michael Parke

Economics project
Human Dimensions Analysis of Hawaii's Ika-Shibi Fishery
PI: Ed Glazier and John Petterson (Impact Assessment, Inc.)

Protected Species project
Diet Dynamics and Trophic Relations of Laysan and Black-footed Albatrosses
PI: David Duffy and Jeremy Bisson

Statistics and Modeling Project
Evaluation of Data Quality for Catches of Several Pelagic Management Unit Species by Hawaii-Based Longline Vessels and Exploratory Analyses of Historical Catch Records from Japanese Longline Vessels
PI: William A. Walsh

Protected Species project
Comparing Sea Turtle Distributions and Fisheries Interactions in the Atlantic and Pacific
PI: Molly Lutcavage and Selina Heppell

Statistics and Modeling project
Addition of Multi-species Capability, Sex Structure and other Enhancements to the Length-Based, Age-Structured Modeling Software MULTIFAN-CL
PI: John Hampton, Pierre Kleiber and John Sibert
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