New PFRP Projects

Year 1 funds to be available from December 2002

Biology project (#659326)
Workshop on How to Improve Studies on the Collective Behavior
of Pelagic Fish

PI: Laurent Dagorn and Kim Holland

Biology project
Describing the Vertical Habitat of Bigeye and Albacore Tunas and Post-Release Survival for Marlins in the Central Pacific Longline Fisheries with Pop-Up Archival Transmitting Tags
PI: Jeffrey Polovina and Michael Seki

Biology project (#659556)
Ecological Characterization of American Samoa's Small-Scale Alia
Albacore Longline Fishery

PI: John Kaneko, Paul Bartram and Elvin Mokoma

Biology project (#659547)
Evaluating Biochemical and Physiological Predictors of Long Term Survival in Released Pacific Blue Marlin Tagged with Pop-Up Satellite Archival Transmitters (PSATs)
PI: Michael Musyl, Chris Moyes and Richard Brill

Socio-cultural project (#659561)
A Sociological Baseline of Hawaii's Longline Fishery
PI: Sam Pooley and Stewart Allen

Economics project (#659562)
Modeling Longline Effort Dynamics and Protected Species Interaction
PI: PingSun Leung, Naresh Pradhan and Sam Pooley

Oceanography project (#659559)
Trophic Structure and Tuna Movement in the Cold Tongue-Warm Pool Pelagic Ecosystem of the Equatorial Pacific
PI: Valerie Allain, Robert Olson, Felipe Galvan Magana, Brian Popp
and Brian Fry

Oceanography project (#659563)
Oceanographic Characterization of the American Samoa Longline Fishing Grounds for Albacore, Thunnus alalunga
PI: Michael Seki and Jeffrey Polovina

Protected Species project
A General Bayesian Integrated Population Dynamics Model for
Protected Species

PI: Mark Maunder

Protected Species project (#659557)
Integrated Statistical Model for Hawaiian Albatross Populations
PI: Daniel Goodman and Jean-Dominique Lebreton

Protected Species project (#659564)
Development of a Hierarchical Model to Estimate Sea Turtle Rookery Contributions to Mixed Stocks in Foraging Habitats
PI: Ben Bolker, Karen Bjorndal and Alan Bolten

Protected Species project
Direct Tests of the Efficacy of Bait and Gear Modifications for Reducing Interactions of Sea Turtles with Longline Fishing Gear in Costa Rica
PI: Yonat Swimmer

Statistics and Modeling project
Mixed-Resolution Models for Investigating Individual to Population Scale Spatial Dynamics
PI: Patrick Lehodey, Jeffrey Polovina, David Kirby and Raghu Murtugudde

Statistics and Modeling project (#659560)
Comparisons of Catch Rates for Target and Incidentally Taken Fishes in Widely Separated Areas of the Pacific Ocean
PI: William A. Walsh and Sam Pooley

Statistics and Modeling project (#659558)
Causes of Rapid Declines in World Billfish Catch Rates
PI: Ransom Myers and Peter Ward

Biology project
Instrumented Buoys as Autonomous Observatories of Pelagic Ecosystems
PI: Kim Holland and Laurent Dagorn
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