New PFRP Projects, funded in FY 2000

(1st year funding to be available approx. September 2000)

Biology project
Distributions, Histories, and Recent Catch Trends with Six Fish Taxa Taken as Incidental Catch by the Hawai'i-based Commercial Longline Fishery
PI: William Walsh and Sam Pooley

Economics project
Regulatory Impact Analysis Framework for Hawaii Pelagic Fishery Management
PI: Xiulin Gu and Sam Pooley

Economics project
Recreational Fisheries Meta Data - Preliminary Steps
PI: Paul Dalzell and Sam Pooley

Biology project
Pop-Off Satellite Archival Tags to Chronicle the Survival and Movements of Blue Shark Following Release from Longline Gear
PI: Michael Musyl and Richard Brill

Biology project
Developing Biochemical and Physiological Predictors of Long Term Survival in Released Blue Shark
PI: Chris Moyes, Richard Brill and Michael Musyl

Biology project
Survivorship, Migrations, and Diving Patterns of Sea Turtles Released from Commercial Longline Fishing Gear, Determined with Pop-Up Satellite Archival Transmitters
PI: Richard Brill, George Antonelis, George Balazs and Jeffrey Polovina

Oceanography project
Development of Oceanographic Atlases for Pelagic and Insular Fisheries and Resource Management of the Pacific Basin
PI: Russell Brainard, John Sibert and David Foley

Biology project
Trophic Ecology and Structure-Associated Aggregation Behavior in Bigeye and Yellowfin Tuna in Hawaiian Waters
PI: Kim Holland, Richard Young, Richard Brill and Laurent Dagorn

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