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PFRP Principal Investigators Meeting

December 15-16, 2011, Pacific Room, Imin Conference Center
University of Hawaii at Manoa campus

Meeting information
Meeting presentations

PowerPoint presentations (converted to PDF format) are listed according to meeting agenda. Title of the actual presentation may vary from title listed on agenda. File conversion from PPT to PDF may have altered contents on some presentations; let PFRP know of any discrepancies. Some presenters did not want their presentations posted. Please contact the P.I./presenter for information.

Presentations from: Thursday, December 15; Friday, December 16

Thursday, December 15
Kevin Weng, UHM PFRP - Introduction / Announcements

Yi Chao (Keynote Speaker), JPL, Cal Tech
Physical Drivers of Fishery Production

Amy Comer and Reka Domokos, NOAA PIFSC
Characterizing Micronekton of the Kona Region Using Active Acoustics (4.8 MB)

Anela Choy and Jeffrey Drazen, UHM Oceanography
Examining Pelagic Food Webs using Multiple Chemical Tracers

Christina Comfort, UHM, Oceanography
OTEC Impacts on Pelagic Fisheries (670 KB)

Panel Discussion: Ecosystem Models - Application to Fisheries
Kevin Weng, Review of Ecosystem Models (1 MB)
Robert Olson, Ecosystem Models: Food Webs (3 MB)

Friday, December 16
Simon Hoyle, SPC
TUMAS: Improved Effectiveness of WCPFC through Better Informed Fishery Decision Makers

John Sibert, PFRP
Changes in Skipjack Movement and Mortality in the WCPO from 1977 to 2005 (1 MB)

EunJung Kim, UHM Oceanography
Effects of FADs on Tuna (5 MB)

Reka Domokos, NOAA PIFSC
Acoustic Investigation of Bottomfish Spatiotemporal Distribution and Biomass in the Hawaii Archipelago (2.5 MB)

Robert Humphreys (NOAA PIFSC) and Keller Kopf
Age and Growth of Striped Marlin, Kajikia audax, in the Hawaii-based Longline Fishery (5.3 MB)

Ana Vaz, UHM Oceanography
Early Life Stage Dispersal of Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacares) in the Central North Pacific

David Itano, PFRP
Spatial Characteristics of Yellowfin Tuna in Relation to their Environment (4.7 MB)

Jeffrey Muir, PFRP
The Behavior and Residence of Bigeye Tuna at an Oceanic Seamount (1.7 MB)

Kevin Weng, PFRP
Preliminary Data for Movements of Monchong at Cross Seamount (4.2 MB)

Todd Jones, NOAA PIFSC
Biotelemetry Tag Retention in Pelagic Tunas

John Sibert, PFRP
Use of an Ecosystem Model to Explore Conservation Measures for Bigeye Tuna in the WCPO (1 MB)

Shawn Arita, for Michele Barnes, UHM
The Social Networks of Hawaii's Longline Fishery - A Preliminary Assessment (3.2 MB)

Leila Madge and Ed Glazier, Impact Assessment, Inc.
Small-Scale Fisheries of the Pacific (2 MB)

Dawn Kotowicz and Laurie Richmond, NOAA PIFSC
Fish Distribution Channels and Markets for Longline-caught Fish in Hawaii (1 MB)


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