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PFRP Principal Investigators Workshop
From Foodwebs to Ecosystem Models

December 15-16, 2010, Asia Room, Imin Conference Center
University of Hawaii at Manoa campus

Meeting information
Meeting presentations

PowerPoint presentations (converted to PDF format) are listed according to meeting agenda. Title of the actual presentation may vary from title listed on agenda. File conversion from PPT to PDF may have altered contents on some presentations; let PFRP know of any discrepancies. Some presenters did not want their presentations posted. Please contact the P.I./presenter for information.

Presentations from: Wednesday, December 15; Thursday, December 16

Wednesday, December 15
Kevin Weng, UHM PFRP - Introductory Remarks

Robert Olson (Keynote Speaker), I-ATTC
Food Web Implications for Pelagic Top Predators: From Guts and Isotopes to Models (7 MB)

Shawn Arita, UHM, CTAHR, NREM
The Distributive Economic Impacts of Hawaii's Fishery (445 KB)

Jack Kittinger, Impact Assessment, Inc. (Ed Glazier)
Characterization of Small-Scale and Traditional Fisheries of the U.S. Pacific Islands - Introduction to a New PFRP Sociocultural Research Project (1.3 MB)

Karen Arthur, UHM, SOEST, G&G
Compound Specific Stable Isotope Analysis of Amino Acids: What can this Novel Technique tell us about the Ecology of a Highly Migratory Marine Turtle? (561 KB)

Anela Choy, UHM, SOEST, Oceanography
AA-CSIA-Derived Regional Comparison of the Trophic Positions of Midwater Fishes (1 MB)

Jock Young, CSIRO, Hobart, Australia
A Qualitative Analysis of Pacific Ocean Food Webs: Final Report (2.9 MB)

Jock Young, CSIRO, Hobart, Australia
Can Latitude be used as a Proxy for the Effects of Climate Change on Oceanic Food Webs? (2.1 MB)

David Itano, UHM, PFRP
7th Regular Session of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission, Dec. 6-10, 2010 (2.5 MB)

Simon Hoyle, SPC
TUMAS - A Management Options Simulation Tool for the WCPFC

Keller Kopf, New South Wales, Australia
Life History of Striped Marlin (Kajikia audax) and the Value of Biological Information for Stock Assessment of Pelagic Fishes (2.3 MB)

Inna Senina, CLS, France
Progress in Spatially Explicit Modeling of Tuna Population Dynamics (3.2 MB)

John Sibert, UHM, PFRP (Emeritus)
A First Look at Closed Areas as a Tool for Conserving Bigeye Tuna in the WCPO (1.2 MB)

Jonathan Dale, UHM, SOEST, HIMB
Foraging Ecology and Nursery Habitat Use of the Brown Stingray (Dasyatis lata) in Kane'ohe Bay, Oahu, HI (394 KB)

Thursday, December 16

Kim Holland, UHM, SOEST, HIMB
Of Fish and FADS and Forage (5 MB)

Tim Sippel, UHM, PFRP
Behavioural and Environmental Influences on the Distribution of Striped Marlin (Kajikia audax) in the Southwest Pacific Ocean: Results from Behavioural Modelling of Individual Movements (5.8 MB)

Melanie Abecassis, NMFS, PIFSC
Modeling Swordfish Daytime Vertical Habitat in the North Pacific Ocean from Pop-up Archival Tags (1 MB)

Lennon Thomas, Sam Kahng, HPU
Characterizing the Kona Crab (Ranina ranina) Fishery in the Main Hawaiian Islands (1 MB)

Jeffrey Polovina, NMFS, PIFSC
Projected Expansion of the Subtropical Biome and Contraction of the Temperate and Equatorial Upwelling Biomes in the North Pacific under Global Warming (1.1 MB)

Reka Domokos, NMFS, PIFSC
Oceanographic Investigation of Pelagic Habitat around the Mariana Islands (4.3 MB)

Evan Howell, NMFS, PIFSC
Modeling the Central North Pacific Ecosystem Response to Predicted Climate Variations and Fishery Management Scenarios (2.4 MB)

Phoebe Woodworth, NMFS, PIFSC
Eddies as Offshore Foraging Grounds for Melon-headed Whales (Peponocephala electra) (1.7 MB)



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