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PFRP Principal Investigators Workshop
November 29 - December 1, 2004

CLIOTOP Working Group Meetings
December 1 - 3, 2004

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Imin Conference Center

Asia Room (2nd floor)
East-West Road
University of Hawaii at Manoa

PFRP PI Meeting Agenda (as of 11/24/04)
CLIOTOP Meetings Agenda (as of 11/16/04)
Imin Conference Center, 2nd floor - Meeting room assignments (PDF)
PFRP P.I. Meeting - First announcement (PDF)

PFRP Meeting Presentations:

Monday, November 29

Tuesday, November 30
Wednesday, December 1

PowerPoint presentations (in PDF format) are listed according to meeting agenda. Titles of the actual PowerPoint presentation may vary from title listed on the agenda. File conversion from PPT to PDF format may have altered contents on some presentations; let us know if there are any discrepancies. Some presentations not available; contact the P.I. for information.

Monday, November 29

Michael Musyl, Richard Brill, Chris Moyes, Andrew West and Lianne McNaughton
Post-Release Mortality and Movements of Pacific Blue Marlin as Determined by PSATs (711 KB)

John Sibert, Molly Lutcavage, Anders Nielsen and Steven Wilson
Beyond Pop-Up: Where Might It Have Gone? (477 KB)
A computer animation entitled "" can be obtained via ftp,
from, 31.2 MB, requires Quicktime

Gwenhael Allain, SPC
The Influence of the Environment on Vertical and Horizontal Bigeye Tuna Movements Investigated by Analysis of Archival Tag Records and Ecosystem Model Outputs (276 KB)

David Itano, Kim Holland, Laurent Dagorn and Dean Grubbs, UH PFRP, IRD
Movements and Residence Times of Yellowfin and Bigeye Tuna in a Network of Anchored FADs (185 KB)

David Kirby, SPC
Individual-Based Models on a Mixed Resolution Grid (133 KB)

Patrick Lehodey, SPC
Tuna and Tuna Forage: Reconciling Modeling and Observation in a Spatial Mixed-Resolution Ecosystem Model (718 KB)

Inna Senina, UH PFRP
Clustering Due to Acceleration in the Response to Population Gradient: A Simple Self-Organization Model (561 KB)

David Kirby, SPC
Size Matters, But How? (272 KB)

Laurent Dagorn and Kim Holland, IRD, UH
An Update of the European Project FADIO: Fish Aggregating Devices as Instrumented Observatories of Pelagic Ecosystems (632 KB)

Kim Holland, Carl Meyer, Yannis Papastamatiou, Laurent Dagorn, UH, IRD
Update on Research Activities in the "Smart FAD" Program - Ecology Tags (803 KB)

William A. Walsh, NMFS-PIFSC
Recent Progress in Assessments of Logbook Catch Data for Billfishes (Istiophoridae) taken by the Hawaii-Based Longline Fleet (140 KB)

Donald Hawn and Michael Seki, NMFS-PIFSC
Life History of Opah (Lampris Guttatus) and Monchong (Taractichthys steindachneri) (896 KB)

Geoff Arnold, Richard Brill, Michael Domeier, Molly Lutcavage, Michael Musyl, Yonat Swimmer and Steven Wilson
PSAT Performance Database: Initial Results (387 KB)

Carl Meyer and Kim Holland, UH
The Tying One On Tagging Techniques Archive, TOOTTA (85 KB)

John Sibert and Johnoel Ancheta, UH PFRP
Progress in PFRP Electronic Tagging Data Repository (64 KB)

Russell Moffitt, NMFS-PIFSC
Oceanographic Atlas Prototype Demonstration (1.2 MB)

Inna Senina, UH PFRP
Introducing Non-Uniform Grids into the Seapodym Software (8.7 MB)

Tuesday, November 30

Valerie Allain, SPC
Diet of the Yellowfin Tuna in the Pacific Ocean (516 KB)

Robert Olson, I-ATTC
Key Pelagic Prey and Their Tuna Predators: Isotope Ecology in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean (2.13 MB)

Jeremy Bisson, UH
The Diet Dynamics of Laysan and Black-Footed Albatrosses: An Inside View (287 KB)

Reka Domokos, Jeffrey Polovina and Michael Seki, NMFS-PIFSC
Oceanographic Characterization of the American Samoa Longline Fishing Grounds for Albacore, Thunnus alalunga (1 MB)

Hikaru Watanabe, Tsunemi Kubodera and Taro Ichii, National Research Institute of Far Sea Fisheries (NRIFSF), Ocean Squid Section, Shimizu, Japan
Importance of Squid Prey for Large Pelagic Animals in the Western Pacific (656 KB)

Matthew Parry, NMFS-PIRO
Large Pelagic Squids, Mid-Level Trophic Gateways? (902 KB)

Evan Howell, NMFS-PIFSC
El Niño Effects in the Palmyra Atoll Region: Oceanographic Changes and Bigeye Tuna (Thunnus obesus) Catch Rate Variability (456 KB)

David Kirby and Patrick Lehodey, SPC
Regime Shifts in the WCPO (1 MB)

Jean-Dominique Lebreton, Sophie Veran and V. Henaux, CEFE, CNRS (France)
Towards Integrated Modeling of Black-Footed Albatross Populations (264 KB)

Selina Heppell and Molly Lutcavage, Oregon State Univ. and Univ. of New Hampshire
Comparing Sea Turtle Trends in the Pacific and Atlantic: An Integrative Approach to Determine the Relative Role of Fishing Mortality (195 KB)

Yonat Swimmer, Randall Arauz, Chris Boggs, Marti McCracken, Michael Musyl and Richard Brill
Sea Turtle Bycatch Reduction in Longline Fisheries: Update on Trials at Sea (690 KB)

Stewart Allen and Amy Gough, NMFS-PIFSC
Sociological Baseline of Hawaii Longline Fishery: 2004 Update (211 KB)

Edward Glazier, Impact Assessment, Inc., CA
Hawaii's Ika-Shibi Fishery: Project Overview and Research Design (462 KB)

Derivation of Shadow Price for Sea Turtle Bycatch in Hawaii's Longline Fishery: An Input Distance Function Approach (1.9 MB)

Keiichi Nemoto, NMFS-PIFSC
Evaluating Cost-Earnings Structure of the Hawaii-Based Longline Fleet in the Last Decade: A Step Toward Improved Prediction (291 KB)

Naresh Pradhan, UH
Incorporating Sea Turtle Interactions in an Extended Multi-Objective Programming Model for Hawaii's Longline Fishery

Minling Pan, NMFS-PIFSC
Excess Capacity Measurement and Implication to Fishery Management (594 KB)

Minling Pan, NMFS-PIFSC
Importation of Cold Smoked Treated-Tuna and Its Impact to Hawaii Fish Market (746 KB)

Wednesday, December 1

Paul Bartram and John Kaneko, PacMar, Inc.
Size-Frequencies and Life Status of Fish Catch in American Samoa's Alia Longline Fishery (5.3 MB)

Paul Bartram and John Kaneko, PacMar, Inc.
Comparison of Fish Waste ('True Bycatch') in Pacific Pelagic Longline Fisheries (2 MB)

Michael Seki, NMFS-PIFSC
Micronekton in the North Pacific ... What do We Know? (888 KB)

Jock Young, Alistair Hobday and Tim Ryan, CSIRO, Australia
Spatial Variations in Micronekton Distributions off East Australia from Nets and Acoustics (1.2 MB)

Francis Marsac, IRD, France
Trophic Ecology of Four Apex Predators (Yellowfin, Bigeye, Lancetfish, Swordfish) of the Pelagic Ecosystem in the Indian Ocean (2.3 MB)

Hazel Oxenford, Univ. of the West Indies, Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (CERMES), Barbados
Flyingfish Predators, Prey and Research Methods: Lessons learned in the Eastern Caribbean (1.3 MB)

Bruce Robison, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
ROV-Based Investigations of Mesopelagic Micronekton and Zooplankton (2.3 MB)


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