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PFRP Principal Investigators Workshop
December 9 - 11, 2003
Photo of Imin Conference Center
Imin Conference Center

Asia Room (2nd floor)
East-West Road
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Meeting announcement (PDF)

Final program schedule (PDF)

PowerPoint presentations (in PDF format) are listed according to program schedule. Titles of the actual PowerPoint presentation may vary from title listed on program schedule. File conversion from PPT to PDF format may have altered contents on some presentations; let us know if there are any discrepancies. Some presentations not available; contact individual P.I. for information.

Tuesday, December 9
John Sibert, UH, JIMAR, PFRP
Introductory Remarks (204 KB)

Keiichi Nemoto, NMFS-HL
Regulatory Impact Analysis Framework for Hawaii Pelagic Fishery Management (4.1 MB)

Minling Pan, NMFS-HL
Bigeye Prices and Oceanographic Factors (407 KB)

Paul Bartram (and John Kaneko), PacMar, Inc.
A Self-Portrait of American Samoa's Alia Albacore Longline Fishery (1.67 MB)

Naresh Pradhan and PingSun Leung, Univ. of HI
A Poisson Regression Model of Sea Turtle Interactions in Hawaii's Longline Fishery

Stewart Allen and Amy Gough, NMFS-HL
Progress on the Sociological Baseline of Hawaii-Based Longline Fishery Project (367 KB)

Paul Bartram (and John Kaneko), PacMar, Inc.
Measuring the ""Environmental Baggage"" in Global Marketing of Pelagic Longline Fishery Products (291 KB)

Yonat Swimmer, Mike Musyl, Lianne McNaughton, Anders Nielson, Richard Brill, and Randall Arauz
Sea Turtles and Longline Fisheries: Impacts and Mitigation Experiments (1.4 MB)

Ben Bolker, Univ. of South Florida
Bayesian Hierarchical Methods for Mixed Stock Analysis of Sea Turtles (327 KB)

Patrick Hyder and Keith Bigelow, NMFS-HL
Migration and Abundances of Bigeye Tuna (Thunnus obesus) Inferred from Catch Rates and their Relation to Variations in the Ocean Environment (3.3 MB)
For questions or comments contact: or
All figures in the presentation are provisional. In particular, slides after the 'Conclusions' slide, were included in case of questions and are preliminary and not Qced.

Russ Moffitt, NMFS-HL
An Oceanographic Atlas of the Pacific and Selected Island Regions - a Tool for Resource Management (630 KB)

Pierre Kleiber and Keith Bigelow, NMFS-HL
Incorporating Oceanographic Data into Stock Assessments of Longline-caught Fishes (570 KB)

Brittany Graham, Valerie Allain, Brian Fry, Robert Olson, Felipe Galvan Magana, Brian Popp
Univ. of HI, SPC, I-ATTC, LSU, CICIMAR (Mexico)
Trophic Structure and Tuna Movement in the Cold Tongue-Warm Pool Pelagic Ecosystem of the Equatorial Pacific (651 KB)

Wednesday, December 10:
Christopher Moyes, Michael Musyl, Richard Brill, Queen's University, Canada & NMFS-HL
Physiological Predictors of Blue Shark Survival

Christopher Moyes, Michael Musyl, Richard Brill, Andrew West, Lianne McNaughton
Predicting Post-release Survivability in Blue Marlin using PSATs and Biochemical Assays

Michael Musyl, Richard Brill, NMFS-HL
Movements and Post-release Mortality in Oceanic Sharks tagged with PSATs

Richard Brill, Michael Musyl, NMFS-HL
Fishery Interaction and Movements of Swordfish as Determined with PSATs (733 KB)

Laurent Dagorn, Kim Holland, David Itano, Univ of HI
Movement Patterns of Tunas in a Network of FADs around Oahu (378 KB)

Jeffrey Polovina, Don Hawn, Evan Howell, Mike Seki, NMFS-HL
Results from PSAT Tags Attached to Large Pelagics (1.1 MB)

Michael Seki, Donald Hawn, Robert Nishimoto, NMFS-HL
Status of Research on the Biology and Ecology of the Monchong, Taractichthys steindachneri (2 MB)

Donald Hawn, Michael Seki, Robert Nishimoto, Evan Howell, Jeffrey Polovina, NMFS-HL
Status of Research on the Biology and Ecology of Opah, Lampris guttatus (1.5 MB)

Thursday, December 11:
John Sibert
Introduction to Data Rescue (258 KB)

Bill Michener, Long-Term Ecological Research Network, Univ. of New Mexico, Albuquerque
Ecoinformatics: Managing Data, Rescuing Data, and Changing the Science Culture (2.4 MB)

Jennifer Schultz and Paul Dalzell, NMFS-HL
Recreational Fisheries Meta-data Project (1.4 MB)

Jean-Marc Fromentin, IFREMER, France
Reconstructing Trends in Atlantic Bluefin Catch (2.9 MB)

Peter Ward, Dalhousie University, Canada
Causes of Rapid Declines in World Billfish Catch Rates (746 KB)

Bert Kikkawa and Arthur Betts, NMFS-HL
An Acquaintance with Ancient Fishery Data (3.1 MB)

Joan Parker, CA State Fisheries Laboratory Library
Discovering Data from the California State Fisheries Laboratory Library (1919-1994) (65 KB)

Hiroaki Okamoto, National Research Institute for Far Sea Fisheries (NRIFSF), Japan
Review on the Japanese Fishery Data Before and Just after World War II (1.5 MB)

Tim Lawson, SPC, New Caledonia
Gaps in Tuna Fishery Data for the Western and Central Pacific Ocean held by the SPC Oceanic Fisheries Programme (241 KB)

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