PFRP PI Meeting
Dec. 4-6, 2002
University of Hawaii, Hemenway Theater

PDF files of PowerPoint presentations made at the Dec. 4-6, 2002, PFRP Principal Investigators Meeting and "Tying One On" Workshop. Listed in alphabetical order by presenter. Titles of these PowerPoint presentations may vary from titles listed on program schedule.

Some presentations not available.

Meeting Program Schedule, (PDF file)

Donna Grusha, VIMS, VA
How Not to Tag a Ray ... Rhinoptera bonasus, Cownose Ray

Valerie Allain, SPC, New Caledonia
Trophic Structure and Tuna Movement in the Cold Tongue-Warm Pool Pelagic Ecosystem of the Equatorial Pacific

Paul Bartram (and John Kaneko), PacMar, Inc., HI
Evaluating "Environmental Baggage": Market-Transferred Effects when Fresh Pelagic Fish Imports Replace Hawaii Longline Production

Keith Bigelow , NMFS-HL
Movement Patterns from Archival Tags in Relation to Oceanography: Blue Shark, Oceanic White-tip, Yellowfin Tuna and Swordfish

Laurent Dagorn, IRD, France
Preliminary Results on Time Residence and Movements of Tuna around FADs from a Network of Listening Stations around the Island of Oahu

A Synthesis of the Workshop on Schooling and Aggregation Behavior of Pelagics

Heidi Dewar, IATTC, La Jolla, CA
A Tagger’s Tale: Ten years in the Trenches

Michael Domeier, Pfleger Institute, Oceanside, CA
Measurements of Pop-Up Tag Performance

Dave Foley, NMFS-HL
The Development of an Ocean Atlas for Fish: Progress and Plans for Completion

Brittany Graham, Univ. of HI
Examining Tuna Trophic Dynamics using Stable Isotope Analysis: The Hawaiian Template

Dean Grubbs, Univ. of HI
Comparative Trophic Ecology of Yellowfin and Bigeye Tuna Associated with Natural and Man-made Aggregation Sites in Hawaiian Waters

Donald Hawn , NMFS-HL
Field Techniques used to Tag Large Pelagic Species in the North Pacific

Kim Holland, Univ. of HI
Overview of Tag Retention Data from Coastal Fishes, Rays and Sharks

David Itano, Univ. of Hawaii, JIMAR
Get 'em in the Boat: You Can't Tag 'em Unless You Can Land Them ... Quickly

Bruno Leroy, SPC, New Caledonia
The Tuna Lift

Chris Moyes, Queens University, Ontario, Canada
Predicting Post-Release Survival of Blue Sharks

Michael Musyl (presented by Keith Bigelow), NMFS-HL
Post-hooking Survivability of Released Blue Shark from Longline Gear in Hawaii as Identified with PSATs

Keiichi Nemoto, NMFS-HL
Regulatory Impact Analysis Framework for Hawaii Pelagic Fishery Management

Anders Nielsen, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark
Recent Developments in Kalman Filter Analyses of Track Data

Joe O'Malley, NMFS-HL
The Hawaii and American Samoa Pelagic Longline Fisheries: Economic Analysis and Recent Developments in the Fisheries

Jeffrey Polovina, NMFS-HL
The Role of Oceanography in Bigeye Tuna Aggregation and Vulnerability in the Hawaii Longline Fishery from Satellite, Moored and Shipboard Time Series

Sam Pooley, NMFS-HL
Honolulu Laboratory - PFRP Economic Analysis 2002 (status of ongoing PFRP projects)

Naresh Pradhan, Univ. of HI
Analyzing Technical and Economic Interrelationships in Hawaii's Longline Fishery - An Update

Eric Prince, NMFS, Miami, FL
Pop-Up Archival Transmitting Tags (PAT tags - Loggerhead turtles)

PSAT Tagging Protocol for Billfish

Michael Seki, NMFS-HL
Oceanographic Characterization of the American Samoa Longline Fishing Grounds for Albacore, Thunnus alalunga

Progress in Studies on the Life History and Ecology of Opah and Monchong in the North Pacific

John Sibert, Univ. of HI
Fishing for Artifacts: "Movements" of Bigeye Tuna in the Coral Sea as Determined by Archival Tags - Preliminary Results

Yonat Swimmer, NMFS-HL
Attachment Techniques and Retention of Archival Tags and PSATs on Turtles, Sharks, Tunas and Billfishes

Survivorship and Movements of Sea Turtles Caught and Released from Longline Fishing Gear

Yoav Wachsman, Univ. of HI
A Model of Fishing Conflicts in Foreign Fisheries

Peter Ward, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada
Causes of Rapid Declines in World Billfish Catch Rates: Project Outline and Some Preliminary Results (PDF file, 20 MB)

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