PFRP PI Meeting

Dec. 4-6, 2001, University of Hawaii

Notes: PDF files of PowerPoint presentations listed in order of presentation. Some titles may vary from titles listed on program schedule. Some presentations not available online.

Meeting Program Schedule, (PDF file)

Tim Essington, SUNY Stony Brooks, New York
The Limits of Ecosystem-Based Management

Graeme Parkes, MRAG Americas, FL
Ecosystem and Precautionary Approaches in Antarctic Fisheries Management

Keiichi Nemoto, Linda Cox, Ujjayant Chakravorty, Univ. of HI
Evaluating the Effect of Fish Stock Movement on Pelagic Fishery Management: A Spatial and Dynamic Framework with Application to the Hawaii Longline Fishery

Joseph O'Malley, Ed Glazier, Sam Pooley, NMFS-HL
Motivations, Satisfaction and Expenditures of Recreational Pelagic Charter Fishing Patrons in Hawaii

Naresh Pradhan, Khem Sharma, Ping Sun Leung, Univ. of HI
See: Pradhan, Naresh C., and PingSun Leung, 2004. Modeling trip choice behavior of the longline fishers in Hawaii. Fisheries Research, v 68: 209-224.

Dan Curran (NMFS-HL), Paul Dalzell (West Pac Council)
Recreational Meta Data Project Update

John Kaneko (PacMar Inc.) and Paul Bartram
Incidental Catch of Non-target Fish Species and Sea Turtles: Comparing Hawaii's Pelagic Longline Fishery against Others

William Walsh, NMFS-HL
Correction of Catch Rates of Blue Marlin Reported in the Logbooks of the Hawaii-Based Longline Fleet by Application of Generalized Additive Models, and the Potential Utility of These Methods in Ecosystem-Scale Fisheries Management

Tetsuya Hirano (for Malia Chow), UH HIMB
Methods to Assess Sex and Maturational Stages of Bigeye Tuna (Thunnus obesus) and Swordfish (Xiphisas glandis)

John Hampton, SPC, New Caledonia
A Preliminary Stock Assessment Model for Bigeye Tuna in the Pacific Ocean

Ramzi Mirshak, NMFS-HL
The Development of an Oceanographic Atlas for Fisheries Application in the Pacific Basin

John Sibert, Univ. of HI, JIMAR
Lifetime Displacements of Tropical Tunas: How Much Ocean do you Need to Control to Conserve "your" Tuna?

Michael Musyl, Richard Brill, Chris Boggs, NMFS-HL
Initial Results from PSAT attachments to Swordfish, Blue Shark and Yellowfin Tuna in Hawaii

Yonat Swimmer, Richard Brill, NMFS-HL
Use of PSATs to Follow the Movements and Survival of Sea Turtles Following Interactions with Pelagic Longline Gear

Felipe Galvan Magana, CICIMAR, La Paz, Mexico
Trophic Relationships Between Predators Caught by Tuna Purse-Seiners in the Eastern Pacific Ocean

Shiham Adam, Univ. of HI, JIMAR
Analysis of Hawaii Tuna Tagging Program Data: Tag Attrition Analysis and Application of the Results to Estimate Yield-per-recruit

David Itano, Univ. of HI, JIMAR
Tagging Tuna in the Central Pacific: Ecological and Management Related Issues

Laurent Dagorn, IRD, France
Behavioral Features of Tuna Aggregations around Fish Aggregating Devices: Sensory Cues, Orientation and Residence Time
The following WAV files were recorded at a Hawaii FAD in November 2001:
Sound recording taken close to FAD, no filter
Sound recording taken 20 m from FAD, filter from 0 to 345 Hz, focusing on the sounds produced by the mooring line
Sound recording taken 5000 m from FAD, filter from 0 to 345 Hz, focusing on the sounds produced by the mooring line

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