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International Workshop on How to Improve Studies on the Collective Behavior of Pelagic Fishes, October 7-9, 2002, Hawaii

Workshop Web Site (authored by L. Dagorn)

The objective of the workshop is to examine how fishery scientists can improve existing knowledge of the basic mechanisms of the collective behavior of pelagic fish. Ethologists working on captive animals are rarely connected to fishery biologists and fishery managers. Moreover, scientists working on small pelagic fishes may not often collaborate with those studying large pelagic fishes. Whether research focus is on movement behavior of entire schools versus behavior of individual fish within schools will also dictate the type of scientific tools that will be used. Workshop organizers plan to have researchers from these two fields (behavior of small and large pelagic fishes) as well as scientists and engineers involved in acoustic and electronic tags to exchange research ideas and concepts on this topic.

The workshop will be held at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology's Coconut Island facility at Kaneohe, Oahu. Please contact workshop organizers for further information.


Principal Investigators (Workshop Organizers):
Dr. Laurent Dagorn
BP 5045
34032 Montpellier Cedex 1
Phone 33-0-4-67-41-94-00
FAX 33-0-4-67-41-94-30
email: dagorn@mpl.ird.fr

Dr. Kim Holland
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
University of Hawaii
P.O. Box 1346, Coconut Island
Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744 USA
Phone (808) 236-7410
FAX (808) 236-7443
email: kholland@hawaii.edu

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