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Local Pelagic Catch and Effort Data Analysis and Integrated Modeling to Quantify the Effects of Local Fisheries on Fish Availability

Project goals:
  1. Establish a comprehensive catch and effort database for Hawaii pelagic fisheries
  2. Produce a meaningful time-series of pelagic fish availability and fishing pressure
    in Hawaii
  3. Develop analytical models for variation in pelagic fish availability in Hawaii

Principal Investigator: Dr. Christofer Boggs NMFS/SWFSC Honolulu Laboratory
Staff: Dr. Xi He, Xian Zhou, and Daniel Curran

Principal Investigator:
Christofer Boggs
National Marine Fisheries Service
Honolulu Laboratory
2570 Dole Street, Rm. 212
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822-2396
Phone (808) 983-5370
FAX (808) 983-2902

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