Geno Pawlak


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Associate Professor   

Director, Kilo Nalu Observatory  


Department of Ocean and Resources Engineering

School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST)

University of Hawaii at Manoa


2540 Dole St., Holmes Hall 404

Honolulu, Hawaii 96822


Phone: 808-956-8100

pawlak AT hawaii DOT edu

Research focuses include engineering and oceanographic problems involving fluid flow over complex boundaries.  Current focuses involve generation and interaction of vortical structure in oscillatory flow across rough boundaries including through tidal and wave forcing.  Additional areas of research include nearshore water quality and its relation to physical forcing, coastal mixing processes at a variety of scales, sediment transport and basic fluid dynamics. 


ORE 601: Ocean and Resources Engineering Laboratory

ORE 603: Oceanography for Ocean Engineers

ORE 641: Environmental Fluid Dynamics

ORE 664: Nearshore Processes and Sediment Transport

Projects (see Research for more info)

Kilo Nalu Nearshore Reef Observatory

Benthic Boundary Layer Physics and Geochemistry

Wave Driven Porewater-Seawater Exchange in Sandy Coastal Sediments

Wave Boundary Layer Observations, Oahu, Hawaii


Three Tree Point Observations, Puget Sound Washington


Environmental Fluid Dynamics Education Laboratory

For more information contact pawlak AT hawaii DOT edu