ORE 641: Environmental Fluid Dynamics

Spring Semester, 2002


Instructor: Geno Pawlak, Holmes Hall 404


Mon/Wed 4:30-5:45pm

Holmes Hall 241

Fluid dynamics for coastal and estuarine environments.  Turbulent mixing processes in homogeneous and stratified fluids.  Buoyancy driven flows, internal hydraulics, topographic effects and estuarine circulation.  Spill and pollutant dispersal.


This course aims to provide ocean and resources engineering students with an understanding of the fundamental dynamic processes at work in the coastal marine environment. It examines how these processes lead to the transport and dispersal of properties such as salinity, temperature, pollutants and nutrients.



Primary course references:

Dyer, K. R., Estuaries: A Physical Introduction, John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, 1997

Fischer, H. S., List, E. J., Koh, R. C. Y., Imberger, J. and Brooks, N., Mixing in Inland and Coastal Waters, Academic Press Inc., San Diego, 1979

Tennekes, H. and Lumley, J. L., A First Course in Turbulence, The MIT Press, Cambridge, 1972

Turner, J. S. , Buoyancy Effects in Fluids, Cambridge University Press, London, 1973

Reading list




Homework #3 data:

    file 1 (depth, dissipation, density)

    file 2 (depth, north-south velocity, east-west velocity, latitude, longitude)

    See help variables for info on file contents


Geno Pawlak, Ocean and Resources Engineering Department, U. Hawaii


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