ORE 601: Ocean and Resources Engineering Laboratory

Fall Semester, 2005


Instructor: Geno Pawlak, Holmes Hall 404


Tues/Thurs 4:30 - 5:45pm

Holmes Hall 241

Field/Lab times TBD

                        Teaching Assistants:

                        Marion Bandet                                                                          Monte Hansen
                        Office: Holmes Hall 407B                                                          Office: Holmes 408C
                        Phone: 956-5947                                                                        Phone: 956-8198
                        Email: marionb@hawaii.edu                                                       Email: demont@hawaii.edu

                        Field / Lab Engineer:

                        Kimball Millikan
                        Office: MSB
                        Phone: 956-3643
                        Email: ksm@soest.hawaii.edu


Course Description:

Design, construction and evaluation of an engineering system. Laboratory and field experience and data analysis supplemented with appropriate theory.


                This course aims to provide ocean and resources engineering students with the fundamentals necessary for carrying out field and laboratory observations along with analysis of observational and experimental datain support of engineering endeavors. 

Course Plan:  

                 The course plan will focus on an engineering project that will involve field and lab observations along with associated data analysis.  This will include classroom lectures on experimental design, field and lab instrumentation and basic data analysis.  Field and lab sessions will include vessel-based deployment of cabled and autonomous gear, AUV and ROV operations and scale model experimentation.   


Experimental design

Velocity measurement
Water property measurements

AUVs / ROVs, Gliders

Instrument deployment

Cabled Instrumentation

Data collection / Sampling

Laboratory techniques and scaling

Geno Pawlak, Ocean and Resources Engineering Department, U. Hawaii


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