Remus Data Product Descriptions


Layer Plots

Remus parameters are plotted spatially by depth layers. Each plot depicts the values for this parameter for the given depth range. Typical depth layers are 0-2m, 2-4m, 4-8m, 8-12m, 12-18m, 18-24m and all depths greater than 24m. Depth contours are displayed for reference, units in meters. The locations of other local monitoring sites are also provided for reference, including Kilo Nalu 10m and 20m sites, the HIOOS/PMEL Kilo Nalu Water Quality Buoy and Ala Wai Water Quality Buoy, and the Near-shore sampling stations NS01 and NS02.


T-S Plots

These plots show salinity and temperature correlation with color coded points that either indicate the depth of the vehicle or the distance to the nearest comparison station. The bold circles in magenta (Ala Wai) and black (Kilo Nalu) are the HIOOS/PMEL water quality buoys.


Parameter Decriptions

Click on the parameter name to open a sample in a new window.

Salinity - Derived from Conductivity measurements collected with a Sea Bird SBE49 (FastCat). Two samples are taken every second throughout the duration of the mission. Units are Practical Salinity Units (PSU).

Temperature - Collected by the Sea Bird SBE49 (FastCat), Units are degrees Celsius.

Optical Backscatter - Collected with a Wetlabs BB2F, units are m-1 sr-1, total volume scattering coefficients, for ß(117°, 470nm) where ß(117°, 470nm)m-1 sr-1= Scale Factor x (Instrument Output - Dark Counts).

Chlorophyll - Collected with the Wetlabs BB2F, units are micrograms/liter.

Ancillary data is also displayed to provide a contextual reference. This data includes water level and winds from the NOS Honolulu Harbor tide and meterological station and rainfall data from the USGS Hydronet Manoa station.


For further information, please contact:

Jennifer Patterson, Marine Research Analyst, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Holmes 402, Honolulu, HI 96822 (808) 956-6348,


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