Student Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Science (BS)

Students earning the BS degree in Meteorology are expected to:

  1. Apply physical principles to explain the thermal structure of the atmosphere.
  2. Describe atmospheric circulation systems.
  3. Develop and explain a forecast in the short to medium (time) range.
  4. Know the design and use of instrumentation, computer software, and data interpretation methods in atmospheric studies.
  5. Be able to explain ideas and results through written, numerical, graphical, oral and computer-based forms of communication.
  6. Be adaptable to new avenues of scientific inquiry which offer interdisciplinary and practical applications to commercial and public needs for atmospheric studies.

Master of Science (MS)

Students completing the MS in Meteorology are expected to:

  1. Demonstrate empirical knowledge of atmospheric phenomena.
  2. Understand the current state of basic theory used to model such phenomena.
  3. Be able to conduct novel research in significant problems in the atmospheric sciences with modest support from more advanced scientists.
  4. Communicate both orally and in writing with at a high level of proficiency.
  5. Possess professional skills to solve real world problems in the field.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

In addition to the outcomes listed for the MS, students completing the PhD are expected to be able to conduct independent, original research on significant problems in the atmospheric sciences. 

Undergraduate Advisor

Graduate Chair


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