Faculty and Research

Research has been central to the department’s activities since its inception. Despite the department’s modest size, an impressive array of research projects are being undertaken by our faculty and students involving field work, experimental work, computer modeling, and theoretical calculations. Our research interests have a primary focus on weather and climate of the tropics, but many projects have application to phenomena of global scope. [ More ]

Full-Time Graduate Faculty

Photo of Steven Businger.

Steven Businger

Department Chair
Photo of Yi-Leng Chen.

Yi-Leng Chen

Photo of Pao-Shin Chu.

Pao-Shin Chu

State Climatologist
Photo of Jennifer D. Small.

Jennifer D. Small Griswold

Photo of Christina Karamperidou.

Christina Karamperidou

  • Ph.D., Columbia University. ENSO dynamics and predictability, the response of mid-latitude atmospheric circulation to climate change and variability, sea level variability and its effects on coastal aquifers and ecosystems, dynamical systems theory, hydro-climate modeling, and hydroInformatics and model optimization.
  • emailname ckaramp
  • Atmospheric Sciences Dept. Page
Photo of Fei-Fei Jin.

Fei-Fei Jin

Photo of Tim Li.

Tim Li

Graduate Chair
Photo of Alison D. Nugent.

Alison D. Nugent

  • Ph.D., Yale University. Mountain meteorology and Cloud Physics: Orographic convection and precipitation, shallow cloud dynamics, cloud microphysics, aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions, observations and modeling.
  • emailname anugent
  • Curriculum Vitae
Photo of Giuseppe Torri.

Giuseppe Torri

  • Ph.D., Imperial College London. Atmospheric Physics. Precipitating convection, downdraft and cold pool dynamics, severe thunderstorms, and climate change.
  • emailname gtorri
  • Curriculum Vitae
Photo of Bin Wang.

Bin Wang

Ph.D., Florida State.  Climate dynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics, and tropical meteorology.
Photo of Yuqing Wang.

Yuqing Wang

Other Departmental Faculty

Photo of Jingxia Zhoa.

Jingxia Zhao

Assistant Researcher

Cooperating Graduate Faculty

Photo of H. Annamalai.

H. Annamalai

Associate Researcher, International Pacific Research Center
  • Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Tropical climate dynamics, climate variability and prediction.
  • emailname hanna
  • IPRC Page
Photo of Tiziana Cherubini

Tiziana Cherubini

Associate Researcher, Institute for Astronomy
Photo of Steven Howell.

Steve Howell

Researcher, Oceanography Dept., UH-Manoa
Photo of John N. Porter.

John N. Porter

Associate Researcher, Hawaii Instit. of Geophysics & Planetology, UH-Manoa

Affiliate Graduate Faculty

Photo of Jian Ping Li.

Jian Ping Li

Affiliate Professor
  • Ph.D., Lanzhou University, China. Nonlinear climatic dynamics and predictability, dynamics of annular modes and their impacts, monsoon and air-land-sea interaction, numerical methods.
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences web page

Former Department Faculty

Image for Gary Barnes.

Gary M. Barnes

Photo of Michael Bell.

Michael Bell

Image of Kevin P. Hamilton

Kevin P. Hamilton

Photo of Thomas A. Schroeder.

Thomas A. Schroeder

Photo of Duane E. Stevens.

Duane E. Stevens

Photo of Shang-Ping Xie.

Shang-Ping Xie


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