Asia-Pacific Natural Hazard Conference 2012

Uinversity of Hawaii at Manoa

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Call for Participation

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This will be an end-to-end (from research to the user community) conference including basic research, testbed development operational forecasting and warning, mitigation, management, adaptation, and reduction of natural disasters.   Our focus will be on the Asia-Pacific Region.  Researchers, operational forecasters, and disaster managers from the academic, governmental, and industrial milieus are encouraged to participate.   Papers related to the following subject areas (but not limited) are invited:

  • Prediction of landfalling typhoons and related coastal processes and orographic effects: theories, observations, and modeling.
  • Large-scale, mesoscale, local-scale and microphysical processes concerning heavy rainfall and flooding.
  • Disastrous weather and climate change: drought, climate impact, adaptation, and regional climate.
  • Recent advances in improving forecasting capability: modeling (real-time numerical weather prediction and data assimilation, modern statistical/dynamical forecasting systems, inshore wave forecasting systems), QPE/QPF, and observational networks (satellite, COSMIC, radar, ground based observations and analyses, dropsonde missions, special field experiments).
  • Monitoring of disastrous weather and early warning:  applications of NWP products, recent advances in statistical applications, satellite remote sensing, radar, ground based observations and analyses and dropsonde missions.
  • Mitigation, management, adaptation, and reduction of weather/climate related disasters.
  • Financial innovation and risk management tools for weather/climate related disasters.
  • Earthquake hazard from large earthquakes on the Island of Taiwan.
  • Review seismicity of Taiwan and nearby regions for potential tsunamigenic earthquakes.
  • Modeling tsunami wave heights at the four nuclear power plants from potential tsunamigenic earthquakes.
  • Creation of a tsunami inundation map for Taiwan.
  • Tsunami threat for Taiwan from distant earthquakes.
  • Joint Taiwan, US and international collaboration effort in combating weather related disasters and tsunami threats.


Conference Language


The official language for the conference will be English.


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