WRF-ARW for Taiwan
Initialized at 00UTC
Taiwan 9km
GFS 0.25deg
Initialized at 12UTC
Taiwan 9km
GFS 0.25deg









WRF Simulations are available once per day, initialized at 12UTC for Taiwan.


Displayed Variables:

  • 2 Meter Temperature: This field provides the 2-m temperature in Degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 10 Meter Wind: This field provides the 10-m wind speed in knots (divide by 1.94 to get m/s or multiply by 1.15 to get mph) and 10-m wind direction.
  • 2 Meter Relative Humidity: This field provides the 2-m relative humidity in %.
  • Hourly Accumulated Rainfall: This field provides the accumulated rainfall in the past one hour in inch (multiply by 25.4 to get mm).
  • Skin Temperature: the value of SST over ocean and surface land temperature over land
  • Surface and upper air variables: surface pressure (mb), wind, relative humidity (%), geopotential height (m), vorticity (1/s), divergence(1/s),


For comments and suggestions, please contact:
Chuan Kai Wang at chuankai@hawaii.edu