Trajectory Forecasts in Support of Smart Balloon Releases
Smart balloon trajectory forecasts were provided here for guidance purposes during the 2004 Smart Balloon Experiment. These trajectories were calculated using the NOAA HYSPLIT model with GFS model output as input to HYSPLIT.

During the experiment, forecasts were output daily every 6 hours. Each daily plot shows five trajectories with their starting points spaced at 1˚ intervals and centered on northeastern end of Long Island in the town of Orient; located at 41.139 N, 72.304 W. For practical purposes these data are referred to as Daily Forecasts.

During periods when Smart Balloons were in flight, additional forecasts were released in which the balloon altitude, latitude and longitude were forced into the model start times. For practical purposes these data are referred to as Balloon Forecasts.

The AIRMAP forecasts provided here are the archive of actual forecasts released during the AIRMAP campaign. During this period, GFS data was not always available. Also, an explanation of how this data was used to create the forecasts is availble on the link GFS Info.