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seer Group Leader: Prof. Steven Businger

Former students, degree, year, and thesis title

Thomas Birchard, MS, 1999: Investigation of Radar Reflectivity and Rain Rates in Hawaii.

Christopher Mello, MS, 1999: Damaging Trade Winds in Hawaii.

Ian Morrison, MS, 1999: The Structure and Evolution of a Kona Low.

Michael Adams, Ph.D. 1996, Terrain-induced Midtropospheric Frontogenesis and Jet Streak Development during STORM-FEST IOP 17, 8-9 March 1992. Currently employed by the Air Force at Scott Air Force Base.

Thomas M. Graziano, Ph.D., 1995: Analysis and Numerical Modeling of Convectively Driven Ageostrophic Circulations and Their Role in the Rapid Cold-Air Cyclogenesis during ERICA IOP8. Currently employed at National Weather Service Headquarters in Silver Springs, MD.

William H. Bauman III, Ph.D., 1995: Forecasting Convective Activity during Easterly Flow Regimes in Support of Space Shuttle Operations. Currently employed by the Air Force at Scott Air Force Base.

Steven R. Chiswell, Ph.D., 1994: Measuring Atmospheric Water Vapor Using the Global Positioning System. Currently employed at Unidata in Boulder, CO.

Craig Souza, MS, 1994: Precipitation Type Forecasting in the Southeastern United States.

Zena Tucker, MS, 1993: Orographic Microburst in a Severe Winter Windstorm.

Robert Rozumalski, MS, 1992: An Unusual Case of Rapid Cyclogenesis over the Continental United States.

Orbita Roswintiarti, MS, 1991: The Relationship between Clouds, Sea-Surface Temperature, and Lower Tropospheric Wind convergence over the Tropical Oceans David Musick, MS, 1991: Sleet Storms over the Southeastern United States.

James Hammet, MS, 1991: Precipitation structure of Hurricane Hugo over Land.

Steven R. Chiswell, MS, 1990: Modeling Orographic Cloud Conditions at Mt. Mitchell, North Carolina.

Marsha Kinley, MS, 1990: Synoptic Analysis of Ozone Episodes at Mount Mitchell, North Carolina.

Kenneth S. Smith, MS, 1990: Investigation of a Gravity Wave during GALE.

Michael E. Adams, MS, 1989: A Case of Rapid Cyclogenesis over the United States Midwest.

Don Aycock, MS, 1989: Kinematic fields and precipitation associated with the mid-Atlantic coast cyclone of 27 February 1986: A GALE case study.

William H. Bauman, MS, 1989: Frontogenesis and Associated Severe Weather on 13 March 1986 (GALE IOP 13).

Kenneth F. Carey, MS, 1988: Mesoscale Structure and Climatology of Rain-Snow Lines over North Carolina.

David I. Knapp, MS, 1988: Storm-Following Climatology of Precipitation Associated with Winter Cyclones over the Gulf of Mexico.

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