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seer Group Leader: Prof. Steven Businger

MET 412 Tropical Analysis and Forecasting


Lecture Notes (pdf format)

Lecture 1 - Introduction
Lecture 2 - Weather Maps and Satellites
Lecture 3 - Numerical Weather Prediction
Lecture 4 - Scale Analysis and Equations
Lecture 5 - Planetary Scale Circulations
Lecture 6 - Rossby Waves and Scale Interaction
Lecture 7 - Scale Interactions
Lecture 8 - Quasi Geostrophic Theory
Lecture 9 - Jet Streaks/Short Waves and Development
Lecture 10 - Air Masses and Kinematics
Lecture 11 - Fronts and Frontogenesis
Lecture 12 - Isentropic Analysis
Lecture 13 - Bombs: Rapid Cyclogenesis
Lecture 14 - Polar Lows


Quiz 1 Review
Quiz 2 Review


Lab 1 - Weather Awareness Assignment
Lab 2 - 500MB Analysis
Lab 3 - Long Waves
Lab 4 - Potential Vorticity Analysis
Lab 5 - Surface Pressure Ananlysis
Lab 6 - Isentropic Cross-section Analysis of a Front

Forecast Methodology
Oral Presentation Tips
Oral Presentation Evaluations

Photo gallery 1
Photo gallery 2

Access to updated weather and ocean data and imagery is available via the UH Meteorology weather server at

Examples of my time-lapse videos of the atmosphere and clouds

The following link has posts that describe a range of interesting weather related phenomena around the Hawaii Islands.

" You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. ” Mark Twain


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2525 Correa Rd
Honolulu, Hawai'i 96822

Tel: (808) 956-2569
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