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seer Group Leader: Prof. Steven Businger



Lecture Notes (pdf format)

Lecture 1 Atmospheric Science
Lecture 2 Weather Maps and Satellites
Lecture 3 Pressure and Temperature
Lecture 4 Radiation and Earth's Radiation Balance
Lecture 5 Seasons and Diurnal Cycle
Lecture 6 Water
Lecture 7 Water in the Atmosphere
Lecture 8 Cloud Formation - Droplets
Lecture 9 Cloud Formation
Lecture 10 Cloud Forms
Lecture 11 Precipitation
Lecture 12 Stability
Lecture 13 Stability and Latent Heat
Lecture 14 Forces and Wind
Lecture 15 Local Winds
Lecture 16 Global Winds
Lecture 17 Jet Streams
Lecture 18 El Nino
Lecture 19 Optics I
Lecture 20 Optics II and Air Masses
Lecture 21 Fronts
Lecture 22 Midlatitude Storms
Lecture 23 Ocean and Wind Hazards
Lecture 24 Weather Forecasting
Lecture 25 Hawaii Weather Hazards and Flooding
Lecture 26 Hurricane Structure
Lecture 27 Hurricanes in Hawaii and Forecasting
Lecture 28 Hurricane Impacts and Forecasting
Lecture 29 Air Mass Thunderstorms and Lightning
Lecture 30 Severe Weather
Lecture 31 Tornadoes
Lecture 32 Review
Lecture 33 Severe Weather in Hawaii
Lecture 34 The Simple Science of Flight
Lecture 35 Air Pollution 1
Lecture 36 Ait Pollution, Acid Rain, and Vog
Lecture 37 Past Climate
Lecture 38 Impacts of Warming
Lecture 40 The Human Factor
Lecture 41 Modeling Global Warming
Lecture 42 Combating Global Warming

I have added password protection to gain access to my lectures and hand outs.
Please email me for the username and password.
Professor Businger


Homework 1 Due 16 September 2015
Homework 2 due 14 October 2015
Homework 3 Due: 13 November 2015
Homework 4 Due: 09 December 2015
--> Homework 5 Weather Awareness Assignment due: November 20, 2015


Sample quizzes (pdf format)

Quiz 1
Quiz 2
Quiz 3
Quiz 4

Photo gallery 1
Photo gallery 2

Access to updated weather and ocean data and imagery is available via the UH Meteorology weather server at

Forecast discussion.

Honolulu National Weather Service.

Central Pacific Hurricane Center.

National Hurricane Center (East Pacific).

Interactive satellite images.

Hawaii surf forecast.

"Learning, however difficult or painful, is superior to ignorance, no matter how comfortable."


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