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The R/V Kilo Moana arrived in Honolulu on September 3rd, 2003. Go to the current cruise section for pictures of the arrival party.

Photo Album of the R/V Kilo Moana

AGOR 26 is a small waterplane area, twin hull (SWATH), oceanographic research ship designed to perform general purpose oceanographic research in coastal and deep ocean areas. The unique SWATH hull form is designed to provide a comfortable, stable platform in high sea conditions. The AGOR 26 will replace the recently retired R/V MOANA WAVE and be commissioned as R/V KILO MOANA, which is Hawaiian for "Oceanographer". The ship is designed with speed, endurance, payload capacity and seakindliness to meet nearly all research requirements worldwide.The ship is operated by the University of Hawaii, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology under a charter agreement with Office of Naval Research (ONR).

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