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SOEST Contribution List (as of April 16, 2020)


10920 Senigaglia, V., and L. Bejder, 2020, Pregnancy cravings: visitation at a food-provisioning site is driven by the reproductive status of bottlenose dolphins, Tourism Mar. Environ., HIMB-1789 (in press).

10921 Pleus, A., G. Ito, P. Wessel, and L. N. Frazer, 2020, Rheology and thermal structure of the lithosphere beneath the Hawaiian Ridge inferred from gravity data and models of plate flexure, Geophys. J. Int. (in press).

10922 Wang, T., and T. Li, 2020, Diagnosing the column-integrated moist static energy budget associated with the northward-propagating boreal summer intraseasonal oscillation, Clim. Dyn. (in press).

10923 Christiansen, F., M. Nielsen, C. Charlton, L. Bejder, and P. T. Madsen, 2020, Southern right whales show no behavioural response to low noise levels from a nearby unmanned aerial vehicle, Mar. Mamm. Sci., HIMB-1790 (in press).

10924 Ma, L., B. Wang, and J. Cao, 2020, Impacts of atmosphere-sea ice-ocean interaction on Southern Ocean deep convection in a climate system model, Clim. Dyn. (in press).

10925 Motta, L. C., J. D. Blum, B. N. Popp B.N., J. C. Drazen, and H. G. Close, 2020, Mercury stable isotopes in flying fish as a monitor of phytochemical degradation of methylmercury in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Mar. Chem. (in press).

10926 Deng, L.-Y., and T. Li, 2020, Impact of background dynamic and thermodynamic states on distinctive annual cycle of near equatorial tropical cyclogenesis over the western north Pacific, J. Meteorol. Res. (in press).

10927 Jiang, F., W. Zhang, M. F. Stuecker, and F.-F. Jin, 2020, Decadal change of combination mode spatiotemporal characteristics due to an ENSO regime shift, J. Climate (in press).

10928 Hamilton, K., 2020, At the dawn of global climate modeling: The strange case of the Leith Atmosphere Model, Hist. Geo-Space Sci. (in press).

10929 Winter, K. et al. [R. Alegado, K. Frank, M. McManus, M. Donahue, K. Rodgers, B. Bowen, C. Nelson, R. Toonen], 2020, Ecomimicry in indigenous resource management: Optimizing ecosystem services to achieve resource abundance with examples from Hawaii, Ecol. Soc., Hawaii Sea Grant JC-20-02 (in press).

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10930 Park, S.-W., et al. [M. F. Stuecker], 2020, Two aspects of decadal ENSO variability modulating the long-term global carbon cycle, Geophys. Res. Lett. (in press).

10931 Spies, N., Z. H. Forsman, K. T. Tisthammer, and R. H. Richmond, 2020, A resilient brooding coral in the broadcast spawning Porites lobata species complex: a new endemic, introduced species, mutant, or new adaptive potential? Coral Reefs, HIMB-1791 (in press).

10932 Butler, B., and S. Tsuboi, 2020, Antipodal observations of global differential times of diffracted P and PKPab within the "D" layer above Earth's core-mantle boundary, Geophys. J. Int., HIGP-2411 (in press).

10933 Joo, S., S. Jung, S. Lee, R. H. Cowie, and D. Takagi, 2020, Freshwater snail feeding: lubrication-based particle collection on a free surface, J. Royal Soc. Interface (in press).

10934 Herrero-Bervera, E., K. Gerstnecker, V. Lopez, and B. Swilley, 2020, Rock magnetic characterization of fine particles from car engines, brake pads, and tobacco: An environmental pilot study on Oahu, Hawaii, USA, J. Geosci. Environ. Protect., HIGP-2412 (in press).

10935 Di Chiara, A., E. Herrero-Bervera, and E. Tema, 2020, Geomagnetic field variations in the past: An introduction, GSL, HIGP-2413 (in press).

10936 Winter, K. B., N. K. Lincoln, and F. Berkes, 2018, The Social-Ecological Keystone Concept: A metaphor for understanding the structure and function of a biocultural system, Sustainability, 10(9), 3294, HIMB-1800, doi: 10.3390/su10093294.

10937 Winter, K.B., et al., 2018, The Moku System: Managing biocultural resources for abundance within social-ecological regions in Hawai'i, Sustainability, 10(10), 3554, HIMB-1801, doi: 10.3390/su10103554.

10938 Chang, K., K.B. Winter, and N. K. Lincoln. 2019. Hawai'i in focus: navigating pathways in global biocultural leadership, Sustainability, 11(1), 283, HIMB-1798,

10939 Delevaux, J. M., [K.B. Winter], 2019, Place?based management can reduce human impacts on coral reefs in a changing climate, Ecol. Appl., 29(4), e01891, HIMB-1797,

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10940 Winter, K. B., T. Ticktin, and S. Quazi, 2020, Biocultural restoration in Hawai'i also achieves core conservation goals, Ecol. Soc., 25(1), 26, HIMB-1796,

10941 Winter, K.B., et al. [R. A. Alegado, B. W. Bowen, M. Donahue, K.A. Falinski, K. Frank, E. C. Franklin, A. Hewitt, K. Hintzen, N. Kurashima, M. A. McManus, F. Reppun, Y. Rii, M. A Rivera, K. Rodgers, C. Sabine, C. Smith, R. J. Toonen], 2020, Resolving pathways towards a future of sustainable resource abundance: A research framework for the He'eia National Estuarine Research Reserve, Ecol. Soc., HIMB-1795 (in press).

10942 Gotz, T., A. F. Pacini, P. E. Nachtigall, and V. M. Janik, 2020, The startle reflex in echolocating odontocetes: basic physiology and practical implications, J. Exper. Biol., 223, jeb208470, HIMB-1792, doi: 10.1242/jeb.208470.

10943 Zitterbart, D. P., et al. [A. Pacini], 2020, Scaling the laws of thermal imaging-based whale detection, J. Atmos. Oceanic Tech., HIMB-1793, (in press).

10944 Ashley, A. W., M. Bizimis, A. H. Peslier, M. G. Jackson, and J. G. Konter, 2020, Metasomatism and hydration of the oceanic lithosphere: A case study of peridotite xenoliths from Samoa, J. Petrol., doi: 10.1093/petrology/egaa028 (in press).

10945 Jackson, M. G., et al. [J. G. Konter], 2020, Contrasting old and young volcanism from Aitutaki, Cook Islands: Implications for the origins of the Cook-Austral volcanic chain, J. Petrol., doi: 10.1093/petrology/egaa037/5781968 (in press).

10945 Jackson, M. G., et al. [J. G. Konter], 2020, Contrasting old and young volcanism from Aitutaki, Cook Islands: Implications for the origins of the Cook-Austral volcanic chain, J. Petrol., doi: 10.1093/petrology/egaa037/5781968 (in press).

10946 Wang, Z.-Y., T. Li, J. Gao, and M. Peng, 2020, Enhanced winter and summer trend difference of MJO intensity since 1871, Int. J. Climatol., doi: 10.1002/JOC.6586.

10947 Hitzl, D. E., Y.-L. Chen, and F. Hsiao, 2020, Wintertime easterly and southeasterly airflow in the 'Alenuihaha Channel, Hawaii, Mon. Wea. Rev., 148, 1337-1362, doi: 10.1175/MWR-D-19-0042.1.

10948 Tu, C.-C., Y.-L. Chen, P.-L. Lin, and P.-H. Lin, 2020, The relationship between the boundary layer moisture transport from the South China Sea and heavy rainfall over Taiwan, Terr. Atmo. Ocean. Sci. J., 31(2), doi: 10.3319/TAO.2019.07.01.01 (in press).

10949 Eason, D. E., B. C. Bruno, and D. Bottjer-Wilson, 2020, Individual Development Plans (IDPs): An underutilized advising tool in the geosciences, GSA Today (in press).

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10950 Bottjer-Wilson, D. and B. C. Bruno, 2019, Place matters! Fostering place-based geoscience teaching at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa, in Proc. 5th International Conference on Higher Education Advances (HEAd'19), p. 243-251,

10951 Bruno, B. C. and A. Wallace, 2019, Interpretive panels for geoheritage sites: Guidelines for design and evaluation, Geoheritage, 11(4), 1315-1323,

10952 Engels, J., B. C. Bruno, N. Dasalla and D. Bottjer-Wilson, 2019, Class observations from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa highlight the need for active learning strategies to support diverse students in large classes, in Proc. 5th International Conference on Higher Education Advances (HEAd'19), p. 539-547,

10953 Bruno, B. C., S. E. Thomas, M. M. Frazier and L. James, 2011, Student perspectives on facilitating positive undergraduate research experiences, CUR Quart., 32(2), 37-40.

10954 Bruno, B. C., K. A. Tice, N. Puniwai, and K. Achilles, 2011, Ocean acidification: Hands-on experiments to explore the causes and consequences, Sci. Scope, 34, 23-30.

10955 Bruno, B.C., C. Wiener, A. Kimura and R. Kimura, 2011, Ocean FEST: Families exploring science together, J. Geosci. Ed., 59, 13-21, http://dx.doi:10.5408/1.3543933.

10956 Thomas, K. A., B. C. Bruno, K. Achilles, and S. B. Sherman, 2011, A watery whodunit: The case of the missing zooxanthellae, Sci. Scope, 34(7), 44-54.

10957 Gibson, B. A., and B. C. Bruno, 2012, The C-MORE Scholars Program: Motivations for an academic-year Research Experiences for Undergraduates program, J. College Sci. Teach., 41(5), 12-18.

10958 Bruno, B. C., Y. M. Rii, J. C. Robidart, and D. A. Viviani, 2013, The young scientist and the sea (of microbes), Current J. Mar. Ed., 28(3), 5-8.

10959 Hsia, M. H. and B. C. Bruno, 2012, Hands-on family science program stimulates interest in ocean science careers, Current J. Mar. Ed., 28(2), 16-25.

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10960 Foley, J. M. S. and B. C. Bruno, 2013, Plankton on the stage: Microscopes in middle schools, Current J. Mar. Ed., 28(3), 16-19.

10961 Foley, J. M., et al. [B. C. Bruno, R.S. Kagami, M.H. Hsia, B. Mayer], 2013, C-MORE Science Kits as a classroom learning tool, J. Geosci. Ed., 61(3), 256-267.

10962 Bruno, B. C., P. Bligh-Glover, S. Artis, C. Joseph, and A. Tabor, 2014, Recommended practices for integrating education, diversity and research: Five lessons learned from NSF Science and Technology Centers, Oceanography, 27(4), 9-12,

10963 Guannel, M. L., B. C. Bruno, M. M. Grand, N. Lee, and E. A. Day-Miller, 2014, In Hawai'i, a pilot course in professional development fulfills an unmet need in graduate education, Limnol. Oceanogr. Bull., 23(3), 56-59.

10964 Bottjer, D., et al. [S. P. Jungbluth, B.C. Bruno], 2014, Career choices in marine and environmental sciences: Navigating a sea of options, Oceanography, 27(2), 201-207,

10965 Bruno, B. C., and J. L. K. Wren, 2014, Climate change, sea level rise, and ocean acidification, Earth Sci., 30(1), 9-11.

10966 Wood-Charlson, E., and B.C. Bruno, 2015, Teaching the art and science of getting research funding, EOS Earth Space Sci. News, 96(22), 10-14.

10967 Wood-Charlson, E., et al. [S. Bender, B.C. Bruno, J. Diaz, M. Gradoville, D. Viviani], 2015, Translating science into stories, Limnol. Oceanogr. Bull., 24(3), 73-76.

10968 Bruno, B.C., et al. [J.L.K. Wren, J. Ayau, S. Leon Soon, H. Needham], 2016, Summer Bridge program establishes nascent pipeline to expand and diversify Hawai'i's undergraduate geoscience enrollment, Oceanography, 29(2), 286-292,

10969 Jin, C., B. Wang, Y.-M. Yang, and J. Liu, 2020, "Warm Arctic-Cold Siberia" as an internal mode instigated by North Atlantic warming, Geophys. Res. Lett., doi: 10.1029/2019GL086248 (in press).

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