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LRT (Launch, Recovery, and Transport) Platform

LRT in trainingOne of the SOEST-owned pieces of equipment featured in our 2013 science dive program is the launch, recovery, and transport (LRT) platform. The LRT is 49 ft long and can submerge and hover with the 13-ton submersible aboard. It is a unique vessel that was specifically designed as a submersible launch platform in the late 1980s. It has been in standby status for over a decade and has now been brought back online. Its reactivation has provided HURL with a greater range of capabilities including deployment of specialized and bulky scientific equipment, heavy lift recovery operations, and an alternate launch platform for the Pisces submersibles. The first stages of reactivation following welding repairs were inspection and recertification work by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). This was followed by a full refurbishment (valves, decking, painting, etc.) and crew training. The LRT made a number of test dives, first in standalone mode and then with the submersibles aboard. The system is now fully operational and was used for several Pisces V science dives. Several images of the LRT in action can be viewed on our facebook page.


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