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Operations Highlights

Some photos of the HURL submersibles and operations crew in action.

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P8140057 P8140080 PA190031 PB110011 PICT0033 PICT0153
PICT0157 PICT0228 PICT0395 PV Off Makaha PV in tent PV-Hook Up
Picture 088 Picture 089 Pisces IV Launch Rainbow launch ScubaNauts with Flags Spray
Standing by to unhook Steve and Launch Dunbar IMG_8658 Sub Surfing Dunbar IMG_8520 T&T So. Kewalo (11) T&T So. Kewalo (21) Terminal repair
Terry Kerby port hole small Terry Mark Explorers Flags Wet sailors Dunbar IMG_8506 k78 terry_in_sub wet diver 2






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