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The HURL Data Department maintains an archive of all the images and video that are collected with the research submersibles Pisces IV and Pisces V , and with the ROV RCV-150 . One of HURL's major assets is one of the largest underwater video collections, fully annotated and computer accessible, in the Pacific. In the thirty-plus years that HURL has been operating, this archive has grown to an enormous size -- and it continues to grow with every dive season.

HURL's photo record and video record databases are available to researchers. These databases are compilations of all identifiable organisms photographed or sampled under the HURL program. The databases can be manipulated to answer specific inquiries.

HURL video, slides, and digital images are requested and used in various programs including educational shows, nature documentaries, interviews, and technology reports. If you would like to request something from the HURL archive, please contact the Data Department Manager.


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