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Animal Identification Guide

HURL’s deepwater animal photo-guide is a collection of over 1,500 images from video still captures, digitized 35 mm slides, and pilot camera photos. The guide serves as a taxonomic reference of all deepwater animals encountered during submersible and ROV dives over HURL’s 30 year history. The images have also been loaded onto Apple Ipads which are provided to the pilots to carry down in the submersible for observers to use during the dives. Scientists may familiarize themselves with this guide in advance of diving to be prepared for what organisms they may encounter.

The guide is organized according to major taxa and identifications are made following consultation with taxonomists specializing in these groups. Each image is tagged with a color that indicates the depth at which the representative photo was taken. Use the depth range key linked below as a reference (we recommend you open the depth key in another tab/window to refer to as you browse).

If you find any errors in our identifications, please let us know! (email Biologist Dr. Christopher Kelley,

Depth key for HURL Animal ID guide

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