HUGO-- The Hawai'i Undersea Geo-Observatory


On October 12, the HUGO junction box was deployed on Loihi summit and 50 kilometers of fiber optic cable were laid to link the experiment to the monitoring station on shore. Years of preparation culminated in the launching of the world's first undersea volcano observatory. To learn more about the deployment of HUGO, please read on!

On the Ship
The HUGO junction box and fiber optic cable were prepared and loaded onto the R/V Independence, a cable-laying vessel. The ship then sailed from Honolulu to Loihi and deployed the experiment. For more information and photos on the ship-side part of the HUGO launching, click here or on the small photo to the left.

The Shore Station
While the junction box and cable were being laid on Loihi, part of the HUGO team prepared the shore station. The cable would be brought on shore to the beach at Honu'apo, so preparations were made to pull in the cable and bring it to the land station where data are downloaded and processed. Click here or on the small image to the left to learn about the preparation of the shore station.

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