All Aboard Station ALOHA CTD Recovery WHOTS Mooring
Loading Ship CTD Deployment Niskin Sampling Kaena Point
Departure CTD Lab Ops Net Tows All Ashore
PRR/TSRB Meteorology Prod/Sediment End/Credits
ADCP Thermosal Ship Life Quizzes
While the CTD is in the water for the cast, we'd better make some meteorological observations. Once every four hours while at Station ALOHA, we will measure air temperature, air humidity (psychrometer), sea surface temperature (bucket thermometer), wind speed and direction, cloud coverage, and weather conditions.

The sun peeking over the horizon at Station ALOHA


Meteorological Observations: WMV | MPEG
Sea Surface Temperature Measurements: WMV | MPEG
Air Humidity Measurements: WMV | MPEG